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Arena.im simplifies content creation by giving all the tools you need to discover, curate, and liveblog engaging stories.

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Personalized experience

Enrich each post by adding all information about what’s happening.

  • Add more context with people headshots: analysts, economists, politicians, the possibilities are endless.
  • Upload your own icons: market actions, crypto currency symbols, country flags, anything you want.
  • Send your own website articles to your liveblog
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Gain Personalized

Gain audience insight

Create live polls to keep your audience engaged. Gather valuable information about your visitors.

  • Use multiple choice questions to identify gaps in understanding
  • Display results in real-time
  • Capture audience attention

Live Chat

Engage your audience using Arena online group chat platform and keep them on your website.

  • Powerful machine learning automatic moderation
  • Handles traffic spikes for large popular live events
  • Lighweight and works in any website
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