Feature: Polls

Boost Real-Time Engagement With Polls

Gather audience feedback, identify important topics, and gain insight into what your audience wants to hear
Live blog

See how it works

Polls On Arena Live Chat

Gather audience feedback in real-time
Create polls in real time based on chat conversations
Pre-plan and save polls based on scheduled talking points

Polls On Arena Live Blog

Discover what people are thinking & feeling
Interact & collect feedback
Explore relevant subjects


Are Polls available for all plans?
No. Polls are available only for the Professional, Business and Enterprise plans.
How to enable Polls?
Polls can be created and activated from both Live Chat & Live Blog products. Here is an article you might find helpful: https://help.arena.im/en/articles/4603569-how-to-create-polls-on-live-chat
Is there a limit of Polls that can be enabled?
Nope. The only limit is your imagination.
Can I enable simultaneous polls?
Yes! Though we’d advise giving some time between polls to maximize engagement for each one.
Can I use graphics (like icons) on polls?
Polls only support text and emojis, but you can post an image just before or after the poll to give context.
Can I export the polls’ results?
No, currently this is not supported.
Can I schedule a Poll?
Yes, you can define a schedule for it.
Can I create my Polls in advance to post them later?
Yes. You can create the polls and save as draft. You can even edit it if you want it.
Can I integrate the same poll for Live Chat and Live Blog?
You can ask the same question, but the results may vary from a widget to another, since they will be two separate products.

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