Feature: Conversion Cards

Drive Transactions With Conversion Cards

Use rich content to drive more conversions without interrupting your audience experience. Promote your own subscriptions, content & merch, or sell the space to your sponsors with rich-media cards that get up to 8.8% CTR
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Conversion Cards For You

Turn your audience into customers
Easily create rich content with embedded CTAs
Share them with a single-click on Arena Live Chat & Live Blog

Conversion Cards For Your Sponsors

Unlock a new channel to sell advertising
Offer your sponsors a new way to show their products & services
Give your ads more views by pinning them to the top of the Live Blog or Live Chat


Are Conversion Cards available for all plans?
No. Only business and enterprise customers have access to Conversion Cards.
Is there a limit of Conversion Cards I can create?
No, you can create as many as necessary.
Do I need a professional visual designer to create Conversion Cards?
No. Conversion Cards can be created and edited easily from Arena dashboard with options like title, text, image, CTA buttons, etc.
Can I pre-save Conversion Cards prior to going live?
Yes, you can. Any conversion card format can be pre-saved and it will be ready to be posted when it’s best.
What can I edit in a Conversion Card?
You can edit the headline, image, button color, body copy, icon, and format.
Can Conversion Cards display Google ads?
No. Conversion Cards are for direct sponsorships. We also offer programmatic advertising integrations as a separate feature.
Can I track my conversion cards on desktop and mobile?
Yes. You can add URL parameters to help you understand the effectiveness of your Conversion Cards. Check out this article for more details: https://help.arena.im/en/articles/2146336-adding-tracking-parameters-to-conversion-cards
What can I use the conversion cards for?
Conversion Cards look a little like display ads with embedded CTAs. You can use them to promote your own subscriptions, product or resell as a direct sponsorship.
What data will be available for me to evaluate the success of Conversion Cards?
Conversion Cards Analytics show impressions, clicks, and CTR over time as well as a breakdown of device and experience (Live Blog vs Live Chat).
Can I use the same Conversion Cards in Live Blog and Live Chat?
Yes, though currently some automation options are only available in Live Blog.

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