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Improve fan engagement, conversions and drive revenue by adding features from today’s most popular social media apps to any platform
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Enrich The Sports Experience With Arena Live Chat & Live Blog

Turn visitors into subscribers

Unlock new sources of revenue

Multiply ad viewing, increase season ticket rates, team merch sales and share access to premium content for your audience.

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Conversion Cards for Sports Publishing
Event Education

Offer premium access to players & commentators

Leverage relationships with athletes, managers and expert commentators then give your VIP fans exclusive access.

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Dynamically pull in content from social media

Connect to any social media feed and set filters to dynamically pull and auto-post content related to your team, players or club.

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Live Chat Education
Data for Sports Publishing

Suggest content based on hidden fan insights

Use Arena Personas to learn more about your fans than just what they read. Then engage them based on their specific interests.

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Give Your Team & Sports Portal The Most Popular Social Features

In-chat 1:1

Offer in-chat feedback features

Fan interactions are enhanced with Arena’s Live Chat features, like One-on-one, Q&A and Polls. All the conversation happens in the same space, allowing an enhanced experience for all.

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Drive subscriptions with Conversion Cards

Provide rich content to drive more subscriptions without interrupting your audience experience.

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Live CHat
Extra layers

Manage the experience with an intuitive dashboard

The Arena Dashboard makes managing chats, content, polls, Q&A and analytics really easy. Just point and click to add, launch and analyze.

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Get first-party data

Learn more about your fan preferences and improve your sales strategies.

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Live Chat Archive Logging

Fox Sports Australia + Arena

By using a low-code solution, Fox Sports Australia got higher retention and time on page in its 500+ monthly live events.

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Ebook Engaging Students in the Digital World

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Ebook Engaging Students in the Digital World

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Is Arena compatible with any video stream platform?
Yes. If you can embed your video platform into your website, you can add Arena Live Chat to it as well.
Is it possible to give or receive individual feedback within the Live Chat widget?
Yes, it is. Arena Live Chat has a 1:1 feature that allows you to talk directly (and privately) to a specific user.
Can I integrate Arena Live Chat with other 3rd party tools?
Yes, you can. Push your audience data and segments to dozens of tools for visualization or activation. With just a few clicks you can connect Arena Live Chat to the different tools your team is already using.
Can I invite my team and work together with them?
Of course! With Arena Live Chat, you can invite your staff to work with you by giving them specific roles.
Can I customize the Arena Live Chat with the colors of my organization?
Sure thing! Update the look and feel of your Arena to match your brand (or brands) across multiple platforms or chats. Create seamless experiences between your website, app, or event - or all three.

What about taking the next step and start boosting fan engagement everywhere?

Engage your fans in real-time with Arena Live Chat & Live Blog