Transform Your eLearning Experience With Live Chat

Let your virtual and IRL students interact in class or at an event, in real-time with relevant content, Q&A, Polls and more
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Boost blended Learning Engagement With Tools Students Love

Arena blends the look & feel of the world's most popular social media apps to keep students engaged with quality control features to keep educators in control.

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Event Education

Create Deeper Conversations With Polls & Q&A

Ask your class questions with Polls, or let them ask you questions with Q&A. Perfect for any arena where your class is interacting with an educator, guest speaker, or panel of experts.

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Pre-Plan Content Or Go Real-Time With Content Manager

Upload custom content in advance to pre-plan for a class or connect to school social accounts and use filters to pull in real-time content centered around live events, assemblies or fund raising drives.

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Live Chat Education

Setup & deploy Arena Live Chat In Minutes

Our lightweight tools are easy to deploy and a joy to use. Just copy and paste the script onto any webpage or mobile app and you can be up and running in minutes.

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Turn your classroom into a community with the best engagement features

In-chat 1:1

Offer in-chat feedback features

Students and instructors interactions are enhanced with Arena’s Live Chat features, like One-on-one, Q&A and Polls. All the conversations happen in the same space, allowing an enhanced experience for teachers and students.

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Manage the experience with an intuitive dashboard

The Arena Dashboard makes managing chats, content, polls, Q&A and analytics really easy. Just point and click to add, launch and analyze.

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Live CHat
Extra layers

Add extra layers of content

Enrich your classroom content by adding videos, images and download links without making users leave the page.

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Keep track of everything

Arena saves chat log history and content engagement reports that can be checked anytime by educators and moderators.

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Live Chat Archive Logging

Pecege Institute + Live Chat

Tips, tricks, and best practices on running more productive and engaging virtual classrooms
Discover how this digital learning institution increased student participation in virtual classrooms with Arena Live Chat integrated into their platform

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Ebook Engaging Students in the Digital World

Master student engagement

Tips, tricks, and best practices on running more productive and engaging virtual classrooms
Ebook Engaging Students in the Digital World

Engagement toolkit for blended learning experiences

Check out our engagement report for schools and educators for tips & tricks on why Live Chat & Live Blog are the best tools to boost engagement for blended learning.

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Boosting online events
for colleges & universities

Discover how to improve your educational virtual events and why a good Live Chat tool is essential to improve the whole blended learning experience.

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Ebook Engaging Students in the Digital World

Live Chat resources for Educators

Tips, tricks, and best practices on running more productive and engaging virtual classrooms


Is Arena compatible with any video stream platform?
Yes. If you can embed your video platform into your website, you can add Arena Live Chat to it as well.
Is it possible to give or receive individual feedback within the Live Chat widget?
Yes, it is. Arena Live Chat has a 1:1 feature that allows you to talk directly (and privately) to a specific user.
Can I integrate Arena Live Chat with other 3rd party tools?
Yes, you can. Push your audience data and segments to dozens of tools for visualization or activation. With just a few clicks you can connect Arena Live Chat to the different tools your team is already using.
Can I invite my team and work together with them?
Of course! With Arena Live Chat, you can invite your staff to work with you by giving them specific roles.
Can I customize the Arena Live Chat with the colors of my brand?
Sure thing! Update the look and feel of your Arena to match your brand (or brands) across multiple platforms or chats. Create seamless experiences between your website, app, or event - or all three.

Create your best engagement case with Arena

Engage your audiences with Arena Live Chat — whether online, in-person or in-between