Feature: Social Stream

Enrich Your Live Chat & Live Blog Feed With Social Content

Automatically pull in social content from any platform, account or hashtag to create custom newsfeeds that keep your readers engaged longer
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Social Stream

Curate social content by account or hashtag into Live Chat & Live Blog
Automatically post content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others
Save templates to create multiple streams with different settings


Is Social Stream available for all plans?
Yes, it is.
Can I filter words/expressions that I don't want to appear on the feed?
You sure can :) Content can be filtered to display or hide specific keywords, expressions and hashtags.
What kind of content can I integrate into my feed?
Arena supports most media formats including gif, jpg, png, mov & mp4 as well as public content accessible via a social network URL.
Can content streams be set to “always on” so I always have fresh content in the Social Stream?
Yes, always on is available and can be set while configuring your event.
Do I have to set my social streams every time I want to use this?
No. You have the option to create templates and select from those templates when adding a social stream to Arena Live Blogs.
Which social media platforms does Social Stream integrate with?
We support the most popular Social Networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, also others like RSS and JSON link, or Dailymotion channels. But, if you still need another integration, please inform us through our Sales team and we will be gladly responsive to your needs.

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