Feature: Live Blog Customization

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Live Blog Customization

Easily adapts to match your brand (or brands) across multiple platforms or properties
Explore multiple options of layout and typography
Integrate Arena Live Blog as if it were native


Is Live Blog Customization available for all plans?
Yes, it is.
How can I create a Live Blog?
Creating a Live Blog is easy. Check out this article for the full step-by-step: https://help.arena.im/en/articles/3506892-how-to-create-a-liveblog
Do I need some basic knowledge of CSS to customize my Live Blog?
No. You can customize your Live Blog directly from Arena’s dashboard, setting accent colors, avatars and cover image. Further edits can also be done via CSS if needed.
Can I add interface items to my Live Blog to match my visual identity?
Yes, though deeper customization is only available to enterprise customers. If you’re interested, let’s talk: https://arena.im/talk-to-sales
Can the basic layout of the Live Blog be easily customized?
Yes, this can be customized from Arena´s dashboard using different feed formats and themes while setting up the liveblog. It can also be edited later.

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