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Globo's Big Brother

Arena's Second Screen solutions allowed Big Brother Brasil’s huge audience to engage and interact with each other during live broadcasts.

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Globo, the Brazilian media mogul, is the owner of Big Brother Brazil, one of the largest reality shows in the world. After 20 successful years, Globo decided to get its audience even more engaged with the digital side of its most popular attraction.

Updating a 20-year old reality show

Enable the audience to participate in real-time on Big Brother Brazil’s website during special occasions.

The Big Picture

After 20 years of constant success, Globo decided to add some extra features to Big Brother Brazil in order to keep the reality show relevant and contemporary with its huge audience without losing its spontaneity or democratic spirit.

Live Chat

Arena Live Chat allowed Big Brother Brasil’s audience to interact with each other in a second screen environment and with the show’s contenders and the hosts in real-time during specific days.

Arena Live Chat created a whole new place of communication by gathering the conversation on its website.

Opening new channels to bring audiences even closer

How Arena Live Chat boosted Big Brother Brazil

To rocket audience engagement on Big Brother Brazil’s website, Globo used Arena Live Chat as a way to bring the participants closer to the reality show and their fans.

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