Feature: Content Manager Library

Pre-Plan Content With Content Manager

Upload custom content in advance to pre-plan for an event and launch content at peak engagement times
Live blog

See how it works

Content Manager Library

Pre-load the content to support your event or live stream
Store images and/or videos to use into your posts
A/B test different versions to see which drives the most engagement


Is Content Manager Library available for all plans?
Yes, it is.
What kind of media does the Content Manager Library support?
You can upload most image and movie types as well as pull in content directly from social media with just a URL, @account or #tag!
Can I automate or schedule posts from my Content Manager Library?
Yes! Posts can be scheduled from the content library, or from the Live Blog interface.
Is there an easy way to have content from social media in the Content Manager Library?
Yes. You can search and select content from most social platforms with just a URL, @account, or #tag!

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