Boost eCommerce Customer Engagement

Drive sales transactions by adding features from today’s most popular social media apps to any platform you manage. Leverage the power of social commerce and community-led growth
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Improve Your Live Shopping Experience

Turn passive visitors into active customers

Sell more by engaging more

Use rich content to drive more sales without interrupting your customer experience.

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Conversion Cards for eCommerce
Event Education

Add social selling to your website

Leverage the power of social selling to let your customers help you convert more visitors into buyers.

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Boost your conversion rates

Convert up to 42% of anonymous traffic into known identities by letting our engagement tools convert and collect first party data, no cookies needed.

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Live Chat Education
Data for eCommerce

Suggest products based on hidden customer insights

Use Arena Personas to learn more about your customers than just what they read. Then engage them based on their specific interests.

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Give Your Ecommerce The Most Popular Social Features

In-chat 1:1

Offer in-chat engagement features

Customer interactions are enhanced with Arena’s Live Chat features, like One-on-one, Q&A and Polls. All conversations happen in the same space, allowing an enhanced experience for all.

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Drive transactions with Conversion Cards

Use rich content to drive more sales without interrupting your customer experience.

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Live CHat
Extra layers

Manage the experience with an intuitive dashboard

The Arena Dashboard makes managing chats, content, polls, Q&A and analytics really easy. Just point and click to add, launch and analyze.

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Get first-party data

Learn more about your customer preferences and improve your sales strategies.

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Live Chat Archive Logging

Shoply + Arena API

By increasing traffic and conversion using Arena Live Chat, Shoply lifted conversion by 35%.

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Ebook Engaging Students in the Digital World

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Ebook Engaging Students in the Digital World

Dig into the live eCommerce age

Discover all you need to know to engage your audience and boost your online sales.

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Explore the customer journey

Make your customers go from “I need this” to “Your order has been confirmed”.

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Ebook Engaging Students in the Digital World

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Is Arena compatible with any video stream platform?
Yes. If you can embed your video platform into your website, you can add Arena Live Chat to it as well.
Is it possible to give or receive individual feedback within the Live Chat widget?
Yes, it is. Arena Live Chat has a 1:1 feature that allows you to talk directly (and privately) to a specific user.
Can I integrate Arena Live Chat with other 3rd party tools?
Yes, you can. Push your audience data and segments to dozens of tools for visualization or activation. With just a few clicks you can connect Arena Live Chat to the different tools your team is already using.
Can I invite my team and work together with them?
Of course! With Arena Live Chat, you can invite your staff to work with you by giving them specific roles.
Can I customize the Arena Live Chat with the colors of my organization?
Sure thing! Update the look and feel of your Arena to match your brand (or brands) across multiple platforms or chats. Create seamless experiences between your website, app, or event - or all three.

Add Arena to your live ecommerce strategy

Engage your customers with Arena Live Chat and drive more sales