Drive Growth with Unified Customer Data

Activate individual marketing with centralized data and deliver real-time personal experiences to your customers
Customer Data Platform and its integrations (Google Ads, Salesforce, Facebook, Adobe, Amazon S3, Google Analytics and more)

Trusted By Thousands of Customers in 100+ Countries

Segment Your Audience to Activate Individual Marketing Campaigns

Find out who your potential customers are, how they behave, when they are ready to buy, and why.

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Connect with hundreds of platforms for marketing activation and user conversion.

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Centralized Data

Easily access your dashboard to understand your customer's journey and behavior.

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With Arena Personas we help you bring data enrichment to your user profiles.

Custom Data Platform graphics (users' favorite sports, interests)Try Arena Personas

Everything Begins With
The Right Data

A Complete
Customer Analysis

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Brand Perception

Go further and measure the user affinity with certain brands for selected customers. Get even more insights about your audience.

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User Interests Profile

Run complex algorithms on top of the raw tracking events data and the content of the pages visited to determine the interest profile for each user.

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Unified Profile

Combine each client's complete history in a unique profile, regardless of where they interacted with your company.

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Product Perception

Track product-related keywords to make users’ profile even more detailed.

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Language Analysis

Analyze user behavior and then match it against a taxonomy with more than 840 categories based on IAB's Content Taxonomy V2.

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Additional Layer of Integration

Connect to other tools used by your company and extract more comprehensive data to refine your customer profile.

Numbers We Brought
to Customers


Increase in user engagement


Increase in subscription conversion


Reduction in marketing spend

Get deeper insight into user
behavior to create the best CX

Increase Interactions and Conversion

Combine the Arena CDP with our CX tools to activate individual marketing and deliver real-time personal experiences.

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Special Connections with Your Customers

Have total control over your user base's segmentation, using different conditions, values, and parameters, making it possible to segment your audience on a personal level to activate individual marketing.

Two containers separated by user categories (Sport Fans and E-commerce Users)

Know Your Audience

Collect data the right way using events from different touchpoints and social channels while relying on APIs to create a complete customer profile.

Examples of stored user data (name, email, revenue, interests, conversion history and user score)

Anticipate Customer Behavior

Intelligently combine and enrich customer data into a 360-degree view of the user to understand their intent to buy and propensity to perform specific actions.

Examples of stored user data (name, email, interests, bought product and user score)

Peace of Mind

Protecting our clients' data and reputation has been our main focus. Arena complies with GDPR and EU/US Privacy Shield to secure your data.

List of users and details (interests, conversion timeline). Round labels on top: EU-US privacy shield, GDPR


There's a plan for you


Best for small businesses or individuals that want to improve audience engagement with Live Chat and Live Blog on their website or digital event.


Best for small businesses that want to bring their social audience back home, create deeper engagement with reactions.


Best for small businesses that want to bring their social audience back home, create deeper engagement with reactions, Polls, Q&A and automate posting across multiple platforms.


Best for companies who need to hit conversion goals across large audiences and that need to analyze and integrate audience insights with other systems.


Best for companies that need customizable branding, flexible login options, detailed audience data and the scale to handle any audience size.
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