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Best for small businesses or individuals that want to improve audience engagement with Live Chat and Live Blog on their website or digital event.
$ 0
Free Forever
100 monthly pageviews
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Free plan includes:
Arena Live Chat
Arena Live Blog
Arena Content Wall


Best for small businesses that want to bring their social audience back home, create deeper engagement with reactions.
Per Month
1,000 monthly pageviews
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All Free features plus:
Social Stream
Mobile APP
Summary Feature
Event Analytics
WordPress Plugins
SEO Friendly
Embed via AMP, iFrame and JavaScript
Create Social Stream Templates
Content Manager Library
Profanity Filter
Upload Photos, Videos and Icons
Live Chat Profile


Best for small businesses that want to bring their social audience back home, create deeper engagement with reactions, Polls, Q&A and automate posting across multiple platforms.
Per Month
10,000 monthly pageviews
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All Starter features plus:
Social Media Integration
Auto Play-by-Play
Cross-post to Facebook and Twitter
Interactive Reactions to Posts
Sports Widgets
200k People Avatars
Global Event Calendar
Live Chat Signup not Required
Live Chat Q&A
Live Chat Polls
Event Reminder
Multiple Domains
Auto Posting
Live Chat Antiflood
Spam Filter
Support via Real-time Chat


Best for companies who need to hit conversion goals across large audiences and that need to analyze and integrate audience insights with other systems.
Per Month
30,000 monthly pageviews
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All Professional features plus:
Conversion Cards
Data Exportation & Monitoring
Automatic AI Moderation
Live Chat Direct Messages
Live Chat Pin Messages
Push Notifications
Customs Avatars and Icons
WordPress Media Library Integration via API
WordPress Plugins
Custom Event Calendar
VIP Support via Email


Best for companies that need customizable branding, flexible login options, detailed audience data and the scale to handle any audience size.
Let’s talk
Monthly pageviews defined by contract
Talk to Sales
All Business features plus:
Arena Personas
Payment Integrations
Monetization via AdSense, DFP and Ad Networks
Customization via CSS
Full API Access
Dedicated Private Servers
Data-Science Driven Insights
CDP Activation
CDP 100+ Integrations
Audience Segmentation
AI Predictive Analysis
Live Blog and Live Chat SDK
Live Blog and Live Chat SSO
Content Management Integrations
Dedicated Account Manager
Exclusive Support via Chat, Email and Phone

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What is a pageview?
The pageview is a count of how many times a page has been viewed on a website or the chosen group within the chosen period of time.
What happens if I reach my page views limit?
Don't worry, we won't interrupt your service without notice! For all plans we will send emails warning you when you reach the limit. If you are in the Starter and Professional plan, you can enable the Auto Upgrade option to automatically upgrade to the next plan and prevent the service from stopping. If you're in the Business plan and go over 100,000 page views, you will be charged $0.008 per pageview, or reach out to our support team for a sweet discount.
Do I need any advanced technical skills or professional support services to use Arena?
Arena is designed to be simple and easy, allowing anyone to configure their own Live Chat and Live Blog.
Will my data be private and safe?
Absolutely! We take all the security measures to protect your business.
Does Arena work with WordPress?
Sure it does. We offer a WordPress plugin to make it easier, check it out.