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Does it need a dev to install?
Nope! If you can copy & paste, you can set up Arena. Our “No Code” solution means anyone can add Live Chat to their website, app, or event in minutes - no IT team required.
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Is it possible to maintain brand-safe conversations?
Sure! Choose the level of moderation that fits each use case. Let experts create tightly curated Arenas with post approvals, Q&As, polls and content filters, or leverage AI powered language filters to power brand-safe conversations in real-time.
Can I integrate Arena Live Chat with other 3rd party tools?
Yes, you can. Push your audience data and segments to dozens of tools for visualization or activation. With just a few clicks you can connect Arena Live Chat to the different tools your team is already using.
Can I invite my team and work together with them?
Of course! With Arena Live Chat, you can invite your staff to work with you by giving them specific roles.
Can I customize the Arena Live Chat with the colors of my brand?
Sure thing! Update the look and feel of your Arena to match your brand (or brands) across multiple platforms or chats. Create seamless experiences between your website, app, or event - or all three.
Can I have different chats for different spaces, products or brands?
Yes! You can create and run as many chats as you need, with different permissions access, moderation settings and even branding.