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Rogers Media

Arena improved Rogers’ user experience using frictionless solutions on Live Chat, Live Blog, and Content Wall.


audience engagement


retention on website

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Rogers Media

Based in Canada, Rogers is one of the world’s largest communications and media companies, and recently reported its operating revenues at $14,1 billion. Founded in 1960, they now own important television brands like City, OMNI, FX Canada, Sportsnet, and The Shopping Channel. They also operate 55 radio stations and have 29+ podcasts across the country.

Rogers Media Live Chat


user experience during live coverage

Rogers Media uses Arena’s solutions to enhance audience experience by enabling novel ways of engagement and retention.

The Big Picture

To keep their product always attractive to their audiences, the Rogers product innovation team reached out to Arena looking for smarter and more efficient ways to engage their online users and increase retention during real-time coverage.

Live blog

Once they were introduced to the real-time platform and learned how Arena had been working with other media companies, the Rogers team promptly decided to implement Arena in its multiple online brands.

Content Wall

In less than 24 hours, Rogers’ product and marketing teams were ready to deploy real-time experiences and drive traffic from social networks to their websites. And the astonishing results they achieved are still amazing to everyone.

Engaging audiences. Obtaining results.

Multiple brands with One mission.

By using Arena’s solutions, Rogers enhanced its brand’s portfolio by boosting audience engagement and increasing retention in a smarter way.

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