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Arena Live Chat helped increase sales by boosting customer engagement in real-time with a no-code solution.

Shoply tv
Up to 400x

Increasing Traffic

Up to 18x

Improving Engagement

Up to 35%

Enhancing Conversions is a project which was developed collaboratively with Arena, unifying a great live video solution with a powerful live chat tool. Even though some features are currently being developed, the results are already used by more than 2,600 clients around the world, and we’re still counting.

Shoply tv

Increase sales

by boosting real-time audience engagement.

Shoply used Arena Live Chat to develop a live video shopping solution that enhances customer experience by enabling the best sales and engagement tools.

The Big Picture

During a live ecommerce session, engaging customers is one of the most important things to do for having a successful event. Knowing this, Shoply looked for a partner with a simple and elegant solution to enhance their platform in an easy way with an eye on increasing ROI.

Live chat

With powerful features, such as Polls, Q&As and Conversion Cards, Shoply improved their audience engagement menu and sales opportunities with Arena Live Chat. All of this just by adapting an off-the-shelf solution which saved precious development time. The story doesn’t end here because there are more features in the pipeline.

Conversion Cards

A no-code solution made say YES to incredible results in traffic, engagement and conversion rates.

An easy way to solve a hard challenge.

Increasing sales through engagement.

To make sales and engagement easier, Arena and Shoply created a powerful live shopping solution which generated extraordinary results.

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