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About Globo

Globo, a dominant force in Brazilian media, is the proud broadcaster of Big Brother Brasil (BBB), a reality TV phenomenon that has captivated millions of viewers across the country for over two decades. As a trailblazer in entertainment, Globo has consistently innovated to keep BBB at the forefront of audience engagement, making it one of the world’s most watched reality shows.

  • Large audience: Globo is one of the largest television networks in Brazil and a leading broadcaster worldwide, boasts an impressive reach. Approximately 90-100 million people watch Globo TV daily.
  • Global Reach: Though rooted in Brazil, Globo’s content enjoys international popularity, with its telenovelas (soap operas) being broadcast in over 130 countries. Shows like “Avenida Brasil” have become global phenomena.
  • Innovative Content Creation: Globo has been a pioneer in embracing new technologies for content creation and distribution. It was among the first in Brazil to start broadcasting in color in the 1970s and has since moved into digital broadcasting, high-definition, and even 4K resolution content.
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Globo’s Challenges with Embracing Digital Interaction Trends

Celebrating 20 years of unprecedented success, Globo sought to elevate the Big Brother Brasil experience by integrating digital engagement features that would resonate with its vast audience. The goal was to preserve the show’s spontaneous and democratic essence while embracing contemporary digital interaction trends.

Big Brother Brasil’s challenge was to introduce a platform that could:

  • Foster real-time interaction among viewers, and between viewers and show participants.
  • Create a dedicated space for this interaction that complements the live broadcast experience without detracting from it.
  • Ensure the digital engagement feature is accessible, user-friendly, and capable of handling the massive audience BBB attracts.

Arena Solution

Arena’s Second Screen and Live Chat solutions were identified as the perfect fit to meet these challenges. The implementation focused on creating a second screen environment where viewers could engage with each other, the show’s contestants, and hosts during live broadcasts, particularly on special occasions.

Fast Results

The introduction of Arena Live Chat on the Big Brother Brasil website transformed the viewer experience by:

  • Enhancing Real-Time Engagement: Viewers were now able to participate actively during live broadcasts, sharing opinions, predictions, and reactions, which enriched the viewing experience.
  • Creating a Community: The platform facilitated a sense of community among viewers, fostering discussions and connections over shared interests and viewpoints regarding the show’s developments.
  • Broadening Accessibility: By bringing the conversation to Globo’s website, Arena ensured a seamless and accessible user experience for engaging with the show, opening new channels for audience interaction.
  • Maintaining Show Integrity: The digital engagement features were integrated in a way that complemented the live show, maintaining the spontaneity and democratic spirit that Big Brother Brasil is known for.

Benefits Delivered

Arena’s implementation for Big Brother Brasil underscored several key values:

  • Real-Time Participation: Viewers were not just spectators but active participants, contributing to the live narrative of the show on special occasions.
  • New Channels for Engagement: The project successfully opened new avenues for viewer interaction, making the Big Brother Brasil experience more immersive and interactive.
  • Enhanced Viewer Loyalty: The enhanced engagement contributed to increased viewer loyalty and retention, as audiences had more reasons to tune in and participate


The partnership between Globo and Arena for Big Brother Brasil set a new standard for digital audience engagement in the realm of reality TV. By leveraging Arena’s Second Screen and Live Chat solutions, Globo was able to offer its viewers an unprecedented level of interaction with the show, cementing Big Brother Brasil’s status as a pioneer in viewer engagement. This case study exemplifies how integrating digital solutions can revolutionize the viewer experience, offering insights for similar shows aiming to deepen audience engagement in the digital age.

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