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The Quest for Better Live Coverage

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, media companies are constantly grappling with the challenge of engaging audiences amidst a sea of distractions. The quest for real-time, interactive, and engaging content has never been more critical, especially in the realm of news coverage where timeliness and reliability are paramount.

Overview: The National News

The National, a leading news organization headquartered in the UAE, has embarked on a transformative journey to redefine audience engagement through digital innovation. Under the leadership of Alex Gubbay, Head of Digital Strategy, The National seeks to leverage digital tools to enhance its coverage and interaction with a global audience, with a particular focus on explaining the Middle East to the world.


The National faces several key challenges in its digital transformation journey:

  • Engaging audiences with real-time updates in a highly competitive news landscape.
  • Delivering in-depth, contextual content rapidly and efficiently.
  • Adapting to the latest digital trends without compromising journalistic integrity.

Arena’s Solution: Live Blog Amplifies Breaking News Coverage

To address these challenges, The National partnered with Arena, a digital engagement platform specializing in live blogging and interactive chats. Arena’s offerings align perfectly with The National’s need for a dynamic platform that supports live news coverage, allowing for real-time updates, multimedia content integration, and interactive audience engagement.

Key Benefits

Arena provides The National with several invaluable benefits:

  • Enhanced real-time engagement: Live blogging features enable The National to cover breaking news with immediate updates, keeping audiences informed and engaged.
  • Rich, contextual content delivery: Integration capabilities allow for a mix of text, images, videos, and analysis, offering a comprehensive view of news events.
  • Increased audience interaction: Interactive chat features foster a two-way conversation with readers, enhancing the sense of community and loyalty.


Since implementing Arena’s solution, The National has observed significant improvements in its digital engagement metrics:

  • Extended engagement times on live blogs, especially during major news events.
  • Increased reach and audience growth on social media platforms, owing to the enriched content delivery.
  • Higher audience retention rates, with readers returning for reliable, up-to-the-minute updates.


The partnership between The National and Arena represents a successful case study in leveraging digital tools to enhance news coverage and audience engagement. By embracing innovative technologies and platforms, The National has not only overcome its initial challenges but has also set a new standard for digital excellence in news media. This collaboration underscores the importance of adaptability, engagement, and integrity in the evolving landscape of digital journalism.

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