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About Record

TVRecord TV is one of the largest television networks in Brazil and Latin America, reaching millions of viewers with a rich blend of entertainment, news, and sports programming. Established in 1953, the network has a strong legacy of delivering high-quality content and maintaining a loyal audience base. As one of the major broadcasters in Brazil, Record TV continually seeks to innovate and offer its viewers immersive digital experiences.

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Challenges Faced by RecordTV

Despite its popularity, Record TV recognized the need to enhance its digital engagement strategy to keep pace with evolving audience demands and maintain a competitive edge in the media landscape. The primary challenges included:

Boosting Viewer Engagement and Retention: Record TV wanted to increase audience engagement and retention, particularly among younger demographics who are increasingly consuming news online.

Creating Real-Time Interactive Content: They aimed to offer a platform where viewers could access real-time updates and interact with live events, particularly during major programming like reality TV shows and sports.

Scaling During High Traffic Events: Record TV needed a solution that could handle significant spikes in traffic, especially during high-profile events and breaking news

Arena Live Chat Solution

Arena’s Live Chat provided Record TV with the ideal solution to address these challenges by delivering a seamless, interactive experience. Key features of Arena Live Chat that helped Record TV achieve their goals included:

  • Live Coverage and Real-Time Updates: Enabled Record TV to offer instant updates, ensuring viewers could follow live events minute by minute.
  • Audience Engagement Tools: Integrated polls, quizzes, and social media feeds directly into the live chat to encourage viewer interaction and increase session time.
  • Custom Branding and Themes: Allowed Record TV to customize the visual elements to match its brand identity, offering a cohesive and immersive user experience.
  • Scalability and Reliability: Provided a robust infrastructure capable of handling significant traffic spikes, ensuring optimal uptime during high-profile events.

Implementation and Results

Record TV successfully implemented Arena Live Chat during their coverage of reality TV show A Grande Conquista, demonstrating the platform’s value in driving audience engagement. The results were impressive:

  • Significant Increase in Engagement: Record TV saw an increase in audience interaction through live polls, quizzes, and social media integrations within the live chats.
  • Enhanced Viewer Retention: Arena Live Chat contributed to a 6% lift in session time, with viewers spending more time engaging with live content.
  • First Party Data: Arena Live Chat created over 100 new user profiles per minute, allowing RecordTV access to their own audience.
  • Brand Cohesion: The ability to fully customize the visual appearance of the live chats ensured a consistent brand experience, reinforcing Record TV’s digital identity.
  • Scalability Proven: The platform managed significant traffic spikes during the live broadcasts of A Fazenda without any downtime or technical issues.


By leveraging Arena Live Chat, Record TV significantly enhanced viewer engagement and retention, providing a richer digital experience for their audience. The partnership with Arena empowered Record TV to deliver timely, interactive, and branded live coverage, setting a new benchmark for digital engagement in Latin American broadcasting.

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