Empowering Education: How Arena Live Chat Revolutionized Pecege’s Virtual Learning Platform

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Arena Live Chat boosted Pecege’s virtual classes platform by allowing students to engage in real-time with their teachers and classmates. And, it served as a log for its classes as well, keeping all data and dialogues saved and available for future reference.

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Pecege was founded in 1986 with an ambitious mission: to expand quality knowledge through education and innovative ideas that transform people and realities worldwide. With a huge portfolio of educational solutions, from academics to corporate boardrooms, Pecege offers a broad range of courses to students all across the board, mixing online and offline classes.

Getting closer, even remotely.

Keeping students engaged in real-time is the main challenge of all educational online platforms. But Pecege needed a tool that not only engaged their students, but connected and strengthened them into a powerful community as well.

The Big Picture

Since the 1980s, Pecege has been providing high quality educational solutions to thousands of students in Brazil. Recently, even though it is affected by the COVID-19 pandemics, Pecege invested in a 100% digital virtual class platform to connect and engage teachers and students everywhere.

Arena Live Chat allowed teachers and students to interact with each other during virtual classes.

Our no-code Live Chat solution boosted Pecege’s educational platform.

Students engaged? Lesson learned.

How Pecege became a game changer in online education. To boost their platform, Pecege decided to use Arena Live Chat as a tool to engage their students and teachers in real-time during classes.

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