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Red Bull Media House, a leading global media company based in Austria, is renowned for its high-quality production and distribution of multimedia content. With a focus on extreme sports, adventure, and culture, Red Bull Media House delivers films, documentaries, TV shows, music, and live events that resonate with audiences worldwide. As a subsidiary of Red Bull GmbH, it has firmly established itself as a dynamic and innovative media powerhouse since its inception in 2007.

Challenges Faced by Red Bull

Despite its success, Red Bull Media House sought ways to deepen audience engagement and interaction, particularly during live events. They aimed to:

  • Increase session time and engagement with their global audience, especially targeting the younger Gen Z demographic.
  • Innovate and stay ahead in the digital space by incorporating interactive features alongside their native video streaming content.
  • Overcome scalability issues experienced with previous platforms, ensuring optimal uptime during high-traffic events.

Arena Live Chat Solution

Arena’s Live Chat was identified as the perfect fit to meet Red Bull Media House’s ambitious goals. The product was tailored to enhance live event coverage by allowing real-time audience interaction through a customizable and scalable chat solution. Key features included:

  • Polls and Pinned Messages: Enabling real-time feedback and highlighting key moments or information within the chat.
  • Reactions and Moderator Interaction: Encouraging active participation and maintaining a lively and engaging chat environment.
  • CSS Customizations: Adapting the visual elements of the live chat to seamlessly integrate with Red Bull’s brand identity and event themes.
  • Scalability and Reliability: Providing a robust platform capable of handling over 50,000 concurrent users without compromising performance.

Implementation and Results

The implementation of Arena Live Chat was piloted during the Red Bull Batalla music festival, marking a significant milestone in audience engagement strategy. The results were outstanding:

  • Exceptional Engagement: The live chat facilitated alongside the Batalla event witnessed over 50,000 concurrent users, with the chat feature driving increased session times and engagement levels.
  • Brand Integration: Customized visual elements ensured the chat feature was an integral part of the live streaming experience, maintaining the aesthetic and feel of the Red Bull brand.
  • Innovative Interaction: Features like polls, reactions, and moderated interactions led to a richer audience experience, fostering a sense of community and loyalty among viewers.
  • Scalability Achieved: The platform successfully managed high traffic volumes, demonstrating its capacity to support major global events without any performance issues.


Katharina Schneider, Senior Manager Live Streaming & Platform at Red Bull Media House, praised the solution, stating, “Arena’s chat is so easy to use, it’s very intuitive. We never had so many people use the chat before, ever!” This feedback underscores the seamless integration and user-friendly nature of Arena Live Chat.


Red Bull Media House’s partnership with Arena to leverage the Live Chat product marked a transformative phase in how the company engaged with its global audience during live events. By integrating interactive and scalable chat functionalities, Red Bull Media House not only enhanced the viewer experience but also set a new standard for audience participation in live streaming. Looking forward, Red Bull Media House plans to extend the use of Arena Live Chat across all major events, continuing to innovate and lead in the digital engagement space.

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