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What a ride it was last year! Since our launch of the Arena no-code chat messaging and data platform, more than 25,000 businesses in 150 countries have started using Arena to connect buyers with sellers, marketplaces, virtual event attendees, students with professors, social communities and streamers. Series A investors

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’ve raised a $13.6M Series A led by Murat Bicer and CRV, joined by Craft Ventures, to bring customer conversations and data into the hands of every consumer enterprise. Arena turns any website or app into a community to increase engagement, transaction, and actionable first-party data.

Also, we have the privilege to have incredible partners in the round: Artisanal Ventures, Vela partners, Incubate Fund and Primeset.

I couldn’t be more excited to work with our incredible investors, operators, founders and some of the world’s top minds in growth, product and marketing.

David Sacks (Founder. Yammer, Paypal, Craft)
Des Traynor (Founder. Intercom)
Olivier Pomel (Founder. Datadog)
Amit Agarwal (CPO. Datadog)
Andrew Boni (Founder. Iterable)
Jeff Samuels (COO. Iterable)
Andrew Peterson (Founder. Signal Sciences)
Elena Verna (Growth. Miro, Reforge, Netlify, SurveyMonkey)
Guillaume “G” Cabane (Growth. Segment, Drift, G2)
Andy Price (Founder. Artisanal Talent/Ventures)
Gary Benerofe (CEO. ex-mediaspa, Overdose)
Jeff Weiser (CMO. ex-Shopify, Shutterstock)
Michael Cassidy (Founder. Apollo Fusion, Xfire, GoogleX)
Babak Hamadani & Primeset (Execs. Twilio, Twitter, Box)
Romero Rodrigues (Founder. Buscape)

We’re fortunate to be adopted by incredible companies like Vans, Avon, Fox, Vimeo, Figma, Asana, Adobe, Meta, Microsoft, Globo, Rogers Media, and Samsung.

Product engagement as the ultimate weapon of growth

Online brands and consumer companies keep looking for ways to move beyond social media and third-party cookies as a way of gaining more direct insights into their users and customers. Arena is leading the movement with its no-code communication platform. It uses engagement data gathered from conversations and combines that with AI to better understand who might want to buy what among our users’ customers.

We built a scalable and easy-to-install chat solution that focuses on building communities and increasing transactions such as live shopping, subscriptions, and donations. It all comes with our customer data platform that converts into first-party data and deeply understands customer behavior using AI.

We’re leading the product-led growth movement and helping companies to integrate conversation and shopping experiences into their products helping to transform the future of ecommerce, streaming, education, and online communities.

We’re in the perfect storm 

The funding comes at a key moment in the world of martech. Due to privacy and conflicts between Facebook and Apple, many companies have shifted their data sourcing activity from third-party to first-party data. With the end of the cookie era, brands and consumer enterprises will focus on building social products and gathering their own customer data rather than relying on the Googles, Facebooks, Amazons of this world to provide the information.

With the end of the cookie era, brands and consumer enterprises will focus on building social products and gathering their own customer data rather than relying on the Googles, Facebooks, Amazons of this world to provide the information.

How we became successful: No-code and PLG approach

Arena is an entirely product-led growth company for our first 24,000 customers; spending $0 on marketing and only growing from the viral nature of network effects. By all measures, we are the fastest growing chat messaging for consumer enterprises – and can attribute most of this to the product and its virality component. Growth: MRR and accounts

I really believe that product engagement is the ultimate weapon to grow. Now we’re helping every website to build conversations and understand their customers with just one line of code.

It takes only 2 minutes to deploy Arena to any website or mobile app, and it’s a fraction of the price offered by Twilio, Segment or Adobe. It comes with a chat messaging platform integrated with a robust CDP, all-in-one.

Because of the nature of the product and the problem that we’re solving, Arena is perfect for SMBs, mid-market and large enterprises. Our annual contracts vary from $2K to 400K ACV, both producing the same value proposition:

  • 64% increase on engagement
  • 5x more first party data
  • 18% boost on conversion and transactions

Our customers absolute love our product, with a 76 NPS. Net Revenue for enterprises

Arena is building a market leading Customer Engagement Platform

We believed that creating a social and highly engaging product would empower communities and enable transactions such as e-commerce, subscriptions, and donations/gifts. 

Ultimately, it would translate into customer data as Arena deploys AI to understand behavior and build intent-based experiences at scale.

Get started with Arena

We couldn’t do this without our amazing team or our customers. Our mission at Arena is clear: we want to be the conversation platform of the web.

Arena is free to get started with and doesn’t require a credit card! Check out the product at

Come work with us

Arena is hiring across the board for Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Product! More information can be found on our careers page.

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