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All eyes are on e-learning right now. Don’t be just another platform: improve your customers’ experience using Live Chat. Find out how you can do it.

Technological expansions stimulate the market and companies to put out their products and services. But when it comes to education and e-learning platforms, is just enough technology to reach revenue and success?

We can tell you it is not! But to answer, you need to achieve relevance, improve your services, and make money. We will present to you how Live Chat is the best solution you need right now, especially during this global scenario.

E-learning market evolution

Convenience, feasibility, and self-management are the main reasons digital studies have grown in the past years. Stiff methodologies and schedules complicate this generation’s ability to bend and adapt.

Personal routines do not follow a 9 to 5 structure anymore. Your audience demands options to build their agenda and keep on improving their technical skills and crave for better opportunities.

And that is the combination to birth e-learning: cyberspace that mixes distance, education, and digital resources. Through it, there are no more physical or geographical borders. Anytime and anywhere, the e-learner can join a digital classroom to study.

A fundamental factor in keeping e-learning fresh and updated is human interaction. Here is how you can get it!

Humanize with Live Chat

Live Chat is an add-on to a web page that allows users to interact with each other. Since an e-learning environment requires tutors, teachers, and students, Live Chat can offer multiple resources to establish more excellent communication.

Through text, voice, and video messages, users can create an enriched learning space. They can also share different types of file formats on chat.

Before the pandemic, e-learners could apply their new abilities at workplaces, exchange information with coworkers, engage at workshops, or face-to-face classes. Now, those options are limited.

Having a Live Chat and all of its features and possibilities is your best opportunity to keep on providing relevant experience to the users.

Pandemic times leading to new solutions

But now, amongst every other particularity, a student has in life to choose a more flexible way to learn, there is also COVID-19 and its repercussions. A healthy social interaction is now a must-have aspect that people consider in this “new normal” scenario.

Learning environments have softly evolved over time. Even though there were a few alterations here and there, its structure has remained the same, like the classroom space, for example.

Due to the pandemic, education’s core has been forced to remodel its shape, and e-learning is the only thing able to lead that change successfully.

Two groups of people you should pay close attention to during this are:

  1. The first group is the current customers. E-learners, they are already studying and should not feel that the absence of social interaction can compromise their learning process. These can not wait too long for better solutions to arrive. They want –– and need! –– them right now.
  2. And the other group are possible new customers. There are multiple unexplored niches to work with, like those who already know e-learning platforms and got caught up by your unique services, and those who do not know e-learning yet but saw in your company a reliable, complete, and humanized platform to kick off.

More than ever, there is no place for halfway, lack of quality, or uncertain results.

Companies need to create this empathic and respectful environment to show that they are aware of the new challenges. But beyond that, present the best solution to keep the highest service and customer satisfaction on top. That’s called Customer Experience.

Improving experience through technology

The economic crisis mostly leads to desperate measures for many. Understandably, companies must do whatever they can to stay in the game, but when business actions arise from desperation and zero strategy planning, the result might be a failure.

That kind of outline calls for proper assistance, and because of the variety of possibilities, technology becomes the most capable one. Properly used, this powerful resource can meet the needs within the context of not having personal interactions on e-learning spaces.

Live Chat, as we mentioned before, integrates human management, relevant engagement, and a high level of support for the students in a single place. 

Following the users through the learning processes creates better engagements. The platform can compensate for the lack of physical relations with guidance programs, such as making a tutor or teacher available simultaneous to studying time on the same web page.

Live Chat bringing real-time interaction

Having a Live Chat on your e-learning platform can promote a sense of community. With a professional content moderator, students can go through paths that will enhance their experience. If you like a good benchmarking, you should check out how Pecege Institute is leveraging Live Chat to enhance the digital learning experience.

As a result, your brand’s status of authority gets stronger, customers can have better experiences, and they may consider making other purchases. They may also put relevant referrals out there since your services amazed them throughout the entire process.

Real-time engagements create live environments, with a sense of fresh curation and professional domain. It means the content is updated continuously and new, systematically watched by the teachers, tutors, and the platform itself.

Have a Live Chat solution now For Free

A well-managed Live Chat solution for e-learning spaces can aggregate more value to your services. You can increase revenue by showing your customers how much they can earn by studying your platform, highlighting the teacher’s role, and adding better experiences during the course.

You can also capture new customer’s attention, letting them know how exclusive, personalized, and complete your products are. Not to mention all the great references made by satisfied users.

Arena can give you a Live Chat solution right now. It will be fully operating within minutes on your platform.

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