What Widgets are and how to use them on your website

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You’ve probably heard the word Widget before, but if you don’t know exactly, find out now what it is and learn how to use it to drive engagement on your site.

Most times, companies mistakenly think that they need a groundbreaking insight or a super powerful expensive tool to create engagement on the website, generate leads and convert them.

The good news is it’s possible to achieve all that and more, increase ROI and generate brand loyalty using a cheaper gadget, yet highly professional and effective. And that is the Widget!

What are the Widgets

Widgets are functionalities you can add to your blog, website, app, PC or mobile devices in order to enhance browsing experience and add more value to the page without coding. 

Through widgets, your website visitor can have a more personalized experience by getting better and more relevant reasons to engage there. It simplifies users’ access to crucial or specific information, working as a shortcut to the function itself without the need of opening the program or application. 

Great widgets are not a stiff add-on. They allow you to tailor it according to the design and identity of your brand, adapt the information to mobile devices, improve website’s SEO including meta props, are lightweight and more. 

How do widgets work? 

Widgets demand minimal memory usage to work. It makes available some predefined features from the original software or source, whether it’s an application or a computer program.

It may be quite expensive to supply some not available functions you need on your website by coding. Instead, widgets provide the core of what you need in a fast, simple, qualified and cheaper way.

As a result, your website will be more attractive, offering relevant content to the audience. You will certainly improve the chances of them returning more times to you.

How to configure them?

To add a widget to your website is pretty much effortless. Because it is embedded, all you need to do is copy and paste the code to your page. 

When you’ll choose a widget to use, prefer those ones supported by any website platforms, including Google AMP. 

Also, having multiple languages is a strong pro to break geographical borders and expand the business.

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The importance of engagement

Customer engagement mostly represents ways to build a solid relationship with your audience. It is a metric used to define how your audience feels about your activities, campaigns and brand. The more organic it happens, the more valuable it will be.

Engagements occur due to many types of interaction. Restraining to the online environment only,  to engage is when a visitor of your website takes action in your cyberspace because they felt it would be interesting, relevant, fun, beneficial, etc.

It can be measured by the quality of the comments on some content, recommendations, discussions, reviews and interactions. When you have engaged customers, it means you have satisfied them somehow. And customer satisfaction is equal brand loyalty and new incomes. 

Higher ROI, cheaper investment

The cost of acquiring new customers can be 10 times higher than a great marketing strategy to retain them. 

In order to keep them with your brand, making them want to spend their money on you, you must have the right tools to create engagement, and a widget on your website is certainly one of the best options.

How to make customers engage

Offering a personalized and exclusive experience is the main key to create relevant engagement. As we said earlier, the use of a widget can add high value to your website browsing.

This small tool can bring new functionalities to your page, such as interactive spaces, complementary information on any topic, real-time updates and more, turning it all into monetization for your company, because that is what really matters.

Arena has a widget solution capable of engaging your community on your website. Flexible, customizable, lightweight and with unlimited opportunities! Find out how we can help your company.

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