60 Virtual Event Ideas For University Students

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The days of sitting in a boring classroom are over, thanks to the rise of remote learning. Universities and colleges need to innovate to keep students engaged. These 60 university virtual event ideas will give you plenty of inspiration. Also, read this insightful How Stanford, University of Pennsylvania & Caltech Students Run Virtual Events article recently published by Arena.

Keep reading to discover ideas and examples from creative students and universities across the country. Whether you’re looking for a way to learn life skills like cooking, network with alumni or spend an afternoon creating music with friends, you’ll find something for you in this guide to online event ideas for college students.

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60 University Virtual Events Ideas

Virtual Events for Universities

1. Share documentation of previous university-wide lectures

Learning must always be at the student’s reach. If your university keeps records of previous guest speakers who made notable declarations, you can share them with your student body to keep their thirst for learning going. Keep them engaged by hearing them out through a follow-up discussion.

2. TED Talks School Edition

The concept of this virtual activity is to share bite-sized learning that is powerful enough to motivate students through tough times, for example. Some can also nominate a video clip to be played and make a thorough explanation of how the message of the clip got through to them.

3. Spill the Tea

This is a phrase commonly used by young students today when they want to get more information about a certain topic that catches their interest. It may not necessarily be a tea though, attendees can have their hot drinks like coffee, cocoa, or hot milk. The activity is as simple as picking one hot or pressing topic and allowing everyone to discuss their opinions in turns.

4. Lunch and Learn

This activity is somewhat similar to “Spill the Tea” but on a different setup. Instead of hot drinks, students can talk about interesting topics while having lunch and learn from each other.

5. Amateur Podcaster’s Corner

We are sure that in every group of students, some have an interest in voicing their opinions or talking about a certain topic over a mic, recording it, and sharing it with their peers. With this virtual activity, listeners can participate even when they are doing household chores.

6. Alumni Networking Activity

Keep not just your students engaged but also your pool of alumni. Through this, they will be able to network with your students and bring with them possible employment opportunities for your current enrollees. Students can also learn valuable insights from someone who has something in common with them, your university.

7. Workshop on Hosting Webinars

Many of these ideas involve technologies for hosting webinars and virtual conferences. To keep your students engaged, allow them to cast their ideas out while teaching them how to manipulate this technology on their preferences.

8. DIY Tutorials

It catches students’ interest if they can learn a simple skill aside from the lessons they learn from formal classes. A simple tutorial on how to do stuff that they will enjoy will also make them thirsty for more learning.

9. What-Grown-Ups-Do lessons

Adulting may be an informal term to call it but there surely is a lot of learning to be unlocked in conducting these lessons!

10. Master Chef lessons

Now that all of us spend most of our time at home, students can easily get bored. Help them appreciate the joy of cooking their meals instead of opting for microwaveable food. Simply livestream your creations, take the most “Instagrammable” picture of the food, and leave them asking for more.

11. Financial Literacy TV

Saving money is way beyond chasing discounts and coupons! Whether it is your students’ program or not, financial literacy is vital for them to acquire wealth. Teach your students the basics of saving, investing, and other financial instruments which we bet they will thank you later on.

12. Coping with COVID Groups

Besides the relatability of this topic, the long-lasting effect of the pandemic needs to be addressed among your students. Use this program for them to share their experiences and how they are coping with the pandemic.

13. Socratic Philosophers Group

The concept of this group is more of a Q&A discussion among the students where they can discuss their thoughts about life. Consider facilitating this with a Philosophy or Ethics professor and make your students appreciate Humanities on a deeper level.

14. Get-Psyched!

Let students know themselves more by administering personality tests to them. Nothing ever interests people more than knowing themselves better.

15. Learn a New Language Group

It is said that learning a new language improves the confidence and intellect of people because they form new connections now and then. Engage your Linguistics Department and help them teach students from other program languages that interest them.

16. Social Awareness Group

The pleasure of helping out others is the same as with the helpers. Volunteerism is a good value that your university can inculcate your students. Simply form objectives and together, a small effort of every member will go a long way when everyone does.

17. For-Cause Celebrations

Every month, you will find days of “international affairs” that are celebrated. Take part in these movements to keep your students abreast of what is happening in society. Celebrations like Earth Hour, Pride Month, World Youth Day, and a lot more can be an avenue for their engagement.

18. Virtual Museum Stroll

In learning more about our history, you do not anymore need to step inside an actual museum and glance at the richness of our heritage. With this program, you will be able to take your students on a virtual tour of museums.

19. Journaling Sessions

Little has been said about it, but keeping a diary has its benefits to us. By writing even some of the most menial tasks, it helps in storing and retaining information in our brain which makes it sharp. Pair this session with calming music to enhance the experience.

20. Indoor Jungalow

This concept is about teaching your students the hobby of gardening in their homes. Thus, the word jungalow. You can share gardening videos that will teach them techniques on taking care of plants and see them grow together.

21. Self-Awareness

Because of social media, students are bombarded with tons of information and sometimes, they can get easily distracted by all the noise. Help your students relax and get back to themselves through meditation.

22. Home Fitness Sessions

Encourage your students to get fit even at home. Collate exercises that are easy to do in front of their screen but will make them sweat. Through this program, you are helping your students maintain their physical fitness and mental sharpness.

23. Nest Incoming Freshies

Because of the many changes that are happening around them, a freshman will surely get anxious as they enter university life. Help them out by having currently enrolled students connect with them and share their own stories to break the ice.

24. Bark-ual Class and Meow-ferences

Let your students take a break from being in front of the camera all the time! Destress with the cuteness of every household pet and let them step in the spotlight for a change.

25. Virtual Career Fairs

After having the degree, most of your students are motivated to join the workforce. Open opportunities for them by inviting organizations and employers who are on the lookout for fresh talents

26. Community Playlist

All students have different tastes in music, but a generation mostly knows similar ones. Get them in tune with music by contributing to a playlist they all love.

27. Dance Classes

Showcase your student’s talent by organizing a virtual dance showdown when they take your dance classes. Everyone is invited, even the ones who dance on two left feet.

28. Movie Critique Sessions

Film students will surely have their day when they share their opinions on a popular or independent film. You can stream movies so all your students can watch them together and discuss the events afterward. No spoilers are allowed!

29. Fine Arts Classes

Now, where is my beret? Let your students unleash their inner artist by holding paint classes and other fine arts classes. To keep them engaged, you can post a photo of a scenic view or a macro shot of food that they will paint. Disclaimer: This can get messy!

30. Vlogger-of-the-Day Competition

There are so many interesting things everyone can share throughout their day. With this competition, you allow your students to document their day and make it exciting. Students, staff, and faculty members can join.

31. Virtual Theatre

Even the landscape of theatre and performing arts has changed in the post-pandemic scenario. Showcase your students’ creativity by holding an online drama performance or an open-mic comedic monologue. When it comes to creativity and imagination, the sky’s the limit!

32. Best Room Decor Competition

All of your students probably take their virtual classes in their rooms. Allow them to showcase their study space by holding friendly competitions like this where they will take their creativity to the next level.

33. Holi-daily Celebrations

It is going to be a holiday every day somewhere in the world. Engage your students by asking them to research the most absurd holidays in the world that they can find and discuss them.

34. Crochet Match

Do your students have a hobby that they can share such as crocheting? Surely, not all of us know how to do it but holding this friendly competition is good for learning and developing a simple hobby.

35. House Tour

It has become popular content for YouTubers to showcase their homes to subscribers. Well, students may have something unique in their home that they can share with the group such as a walk-in cabinet, a fishpond in the house, or a golden staircase.

36. Sudoku Challenge

Sudoku is a great game for stimulating the mind and making it more analytical. Students will benefit from this challenge while incorporating this into their lessons. Simply reward the fastest student to solve the puzzle.

37. Crosswords Challenge

If your students get dizzy with Sudoku because of all the numbers in the puzzle. It is time to introduce this game to sharpen their vocabulary. Another similar game you can try is crossword puzzles.

38. Pets of the University Photo Competition

It is time to show off those pets whether exotic or not in a photo competition. Let your students dress their pets and post their photos on social media to capture the engagement of the netizens.

39. Online Charades

Take some time off from draining lectures and play charades with your students to break the ice. Plus, there are apps online where you can generate words to make your charades more exciting.

40. Online Quiz Bee

There is so much trivia around us where students can learn. Get creative by assigning themes like history, politics, or just some memes. The winner gets to choose the next round’s questions.

41. E-Games Tournaments

E-Sports has gained momentum when the pandemic arrived. Now, there are a lot of recognized E-Sports that are played internationally. Challenge your students to an E-Games Tournament and reward the Champion. There may be newbies but take time to educate them with this kind of sports.

42. Most Creative TikTok Competition

There is a lot of #challenges in the TikTok app nowadays. Encourage your students to post their most creative TikTok content and you will be surprised at how they manipulate the app because it is the younger generation’s forte.

43. Digital Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt game may not always be physical, but it can translate to the digital space as well. Take your students to a hunt over clues to answer your cryptic puzzles.

44. Baddest-Joker-Takes-it-All Contest

A good joke is funny, but a lame one is funnier! Let your students tell their corniest jokes and see who gets all the laughter.

45. Lip-Sync Battle

Be on a search on who among your students is the most musically inclined person by hosting a Lip-sync battle. No inborn talent is required, just good coordination between lips and lyrics.

46. Your Holiday Your Rules Contest

Remember the most absurd holiday competition we have just discussed? Well, it is time for your students to make their holiday based completely on them. It can be about traditions, the birthday of famous personalities, or certain university events. Let the whole campus vote on it to engage the community.

47. Co-Curricular Elective Groups

Besides the program of your students, give them a chance to learn more about topics that interest them. Who would have known that an Engineering student is interested in Humanities unless these programs are hosted?

48. Career Counseling Sessions

To give your students a boost in enriching their career and their expectations toward work after they graduate, it is best to have your guidance counselors available for this type of situation. Through this, your students will get to know more about what awaits them after they finish their degrees.

49. Resume and Cover Letter Groups

Your students’ resume is their ticket to employment. Teach them to leave the best first impression to prospective employers with advice from professors and other lecturers.

50. Creative Writing Centers

For students who want a career in writing, it is important to hone their skills and teach them techniques as early as now. Creative writing is both an art and a science so they need to know the fundamental ways on how to write a masterpiece.

51. Peer Facilitators Group

This group is the student version of guidance counselors. Of course, because of limited manpower and somehow a big discord in the ratio of counselors against students, it is good to train their peers to help resolve issues that concern them be it academic, personal, or social.

52. Academic Advisors Guild

This group is intended to be a help desk for students who need assistance with the field of study they are currently taking. Because of several factors that affect students’ motivation, academic advisors are there to let them see the bigger picture and help them navigate smoothly with the end goal of finishing their degrees.

53. Student Awards Ceremony

It is time to recognize your exemplary and outstanding students and give them the spotlight. By hosting this kind of event, you can recognize student leaders from various recognized organizations, academic scholars, and other achievements from your student community that are worth recognizing. It will motivate your students to strive harder and inspire them to become active members of their community.

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54. Religious Services Group

As discussed earlier, a student may encounter several issues in the course of their life in the university and one of them is spiritual. Keep your students’ spiritual health in check by providing services from the chaplain or from various religious sects that are part of the student community.

55. Virtual University Fairs

It is time to open your gates to prospective students and show them how the student life in your university looks like to give them a clearer view of the big picture. This is also an opportune time to showcase your outstanding alumni and entice them to enroll in your school.

56. Virtual Summits

Host virtual summits for important university events like your foundation day and hold breakout groups depending on your student’s interests and inclinations.

57. Live Concert

Admit it, we all miss going to a live concert since the pandemic started. Take advantage of today’s technology by holding live virtual concerts in the comfort of your students’ homes.

58. Online Photo Booth

Explore filters from social media apps with this online photo booth and you will find out that there is so much to discover there.

59. Code Breaker Games

Challenge your students’ mental capacity by solving complex questions as a group. Since there is a lot less physical requirement for this game, your students will get their brains to the test. The group that wins the most rounds gets the prize.

60. The Criminal Files Case Solving Games

Tickle your students’ imagination by making a hypothetical situation of a crime and make them collaborate to solve this mystery crime team-building activity.

How To Engage Students More Deeply

Besides all of the examples mentioned above, you might also want to check out some Virtual Event Strategies For Universities To Keep Students Engaged and how to Enhance the E-learning Experience with Live Chat to enhance virtual classroom experiences.

By implementing technologies like the Arena Live Chat and Live Blog, you will harness the ability to provide a platform where your students can voice their opinions, comments, messages to one another, participate in polls, and much more. In addition, with the integration of the Live Blog feature, your presence in the digital space is felt even more.

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