Virtual event ideas for team building: get started this week

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The integral role of virtual team building cannot be overstated. An interconnected team, regardless of whether it operates remotely, on a hybrid basis, or any other configuration, is the lifeblood of successful corporate structures. This piece delves into the essence of virtual team building and underscores its profound impact.

Understanding the Imperative of Virtual Team Building

One might question the need to allocate resources and time to virtual team building exercises. Here’s a deep dive into the reasons:

Strengthening Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of swift and effective collaboration, particularly in high-stakes situations. Initiatives like virtual games and interactive sessions pave the way for establishing and nurturing this trust, leading to enhanced performance and quality.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Effective communication is the underpinning of successful sales, marketing, and even internal operations across different departments. By fostering virtual camaraderie, we cultivate an environment where communication flourishes.

Reinforcing Organizational Culture

The importance of company culture is universal. Especially in fast-growing teams, ensuring that the company’s core values are constantly reinforced prevents potential cultural erosion.

Boosting Employee Retention and Satisfaction

The significance of recognizing and appreciating employees cannot be emphasized enough. Recognition can manifest in various forms, from awards to acknowledging personal milestones. Such gestures prevent feelings of isolation and play a crucial role in talent retention.

Kick-starting Virtual Team Building: Simple Yet Effective Approaches

For those taking their first foray into virtual team building, starting modestly can be both feasible and impactful. After familiarizing oneself with simpler events, the following concepts can offer a fresh perspective:

1) Introducing Virtual Icebreakers

An effortless way to embark on this journey is to weave in icebreakers into routine virtual meetings, especially when there are new team members. Occasional exercises like “Two Truths and a Lie” or “Would You Rather” questions can set a relaxed and engaging tone for discussions.

2) Trivia Challenges

Trivia games are an excellent tool for fostering team spirit and knowledge sharing. Tailoring questions around company updates or general knowledge can spur participation and bonding.

3) Virtual Scavenger Hunts

This is a playful way to get team members to share a slice of their personal lives, from household items to tech gadgets. For more intricate events, virtual scavenger hunt apps like Let’s Roam or Scavify can be a game-changer.

4) Engage in Online Games

For those pressed for time, online games can be a quick-fix solution. Platforms like Skribbl or CardsMania can be an excellent starting point. To ensure an interactive gaming experience, Arena Live Chat can be seamlessly integrated, offering real-time communication capabilities.

5) Virtual Celebrations for Employee Recognition

Dedicating time during meetings to spotlight achievements or milestones, both professional and personal, can significantly boost morale and foster community feeling.

6) Host Virtual Happy Hours 

Traditional bonding over drinks can be virtualized, where team members join from the comfort of their homes. Gift cards can incentivize participation, ensuring a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

7) Virtual Executive Socials

Creating a platform for informal interactions between executives and employees can break hierarchical barriers and foster mutual respect and understanding.

8) Weekly Sharing Sessions

Encourage team members to share valuable resources, be it apps, websites, or books, enhancing the collective knowledge pool and encouraging innovation.

9) Randomized Virtual Coffee Chat

Want to foster individual connections within your team? You can do this without any intricate tech or virtual team building platforms. This concept mirrors the serendipitous meetings that make workplace dynamics lively. You merely shuffle participants’ names and pair them up.

Aimed at bolstering company-wide relationships, here’s a breakdown:

  • Announce the event 30 days beforehand to promote and gather attendees.
  • Pre-fill the sign-up sheet. A blank one isn’t appealing. So, persuade a few colleagues to register first.
  • Advocate for the event among peers and superiors. With a registration sheet in place, like a Google Sheet, amplify its visibility. For bigger firms, tap into HR for backing.
  • Pair attendees for a casual online coffee chat.
  • Post-event, solicit attendees’ opinions to understand what they enjoyed.

Broad-Spectrum Virtual Team Building Suggestions

Icebreakers have their place but lack scalability and can become monotonous. Enhance your repertoire with these broader initiatives:

10) Virtual Fitness Quest

Warm seasons beckon outdoor activities. A month-long fitness challenge can be the nudge for colleagues to embrace health targets. Utilize an honor code for activity tracking. Weekly, let everyone share their progress. 

Kickstart this by rallying enthusiasts. After you’ve drummed up interest, organize away!

Conclude with a virtual gathering showcasing photos, videos, and applauding top performers.

11) Online Cycling Expeditions

This mirrors the fitness quest but zeroes in on biking. It resonates especially if situated in bike-friendly locales. Perhaps, enlist a biking professional to share insights and subsequently helm a session.

12) Digital Summer Festivities

Revel in the spirit of a summer cookout, virtually. Consider:

  • Scheduling nuances, since summer months are prime for leave.
  • Geographical considerations. Ensure the theme caters to the majority.
  • Personalize the theme. If mainstream holidays don’t resonate, label it something generic like “Online Summer Soiree”.

13) Encourage attendees to share summer-centric food and drink favorites 

Digital Travel Tales Have wanderlust-stricken colleagues? Let them showcase snippets from recent journeys, infusing an element of globetrotting into a virtual space.

14) Engage a Role-playing Game

Expert Board games like Dungeons & Dragons, now online, are surging as team cohesion tools. While lengthy and intricate, professionals can streamline the experience, ensuring a blend of entertainment and team bonding.

15) Online Language Immersion Sessions

Got a multicultural workforce? This could be your ace. From spotlighting a specific language on a relevant holiday to consistent weekly sessions, the camaraderie from learning together is irreplaceable.

16) Digital Corporate Literature Circles

Cultivate a reading culture. Suggest employees list top business reads and consider roping in the authors for an interactive session. Even if that’s unfeasible, an engaging discussion on a practical business book can be enlightening.

Optimize Your Digital Event with Prime Tools

A stellar digital team event starts with an idea like those above. Integrate tools like Arena Live Chat for mammoth events and video calls. Rotate between these concepts quarterly to infuse novelty.

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