9 Steps To Make Your Own Live Stream

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Making your own live stream is one of the best decisions when your goal is to connect directly with your audience.

Whether it’s to generate more leads, drive sales, or even get to know your audience better through data, there’s no surer way than to broadcast it live on your own website.

However, the journey only seems simple: it also hides many pitfalls.

Thus, to achieve the best results, important decisions need to be taken.

Just as some steps need to be taken on the path to effectiveness.

Create your own live stream checklist

With that in mind, we prepared a checklist containing the nine steps you need to go through so that your live stream becomes an engagement generating machine for you.

Check it out.

OTT Infographic Checklist


As with everything in life, excellence also comes with practice.

And the most important step you have already taken.

Deciding to make your own live stream is an initiative that, over time, will prove to be quite right, with better and better results. Do you want to see more tips on how to leverage live chat in video streaming? Have a look at this blogpost with 6 ways you can leverage Live Chat in Video Streaming.

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