12 Ways Companies Are Using Live Chat For Growth

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Live chat is a great way to bring people together, increase engagement and get leads. Yet, you might be wondering what a successful live chat experience looks like in practice. To inspire your next live chat experience, check out these creative approaches to live chat.

These 12 companies are Using Live Chat – and doing it right

1) Boost Engagement In Virtual Events Like Grip Events

Grip Events organizes live chat experiences to enrich its virtual events. Instead of sitting back and passively watching content, they can ask questions and interact with other attendees. That’s not all. Event organizers can also use Live Chat for lead generation. No more scrambling to ask virtual event attendees for contact details so you can follow up.

Grip Events organizes live chat experiences to enrich its virtual events.

2) Keep Fans Engaged Like Van’s Channel 66

Marketers spend a lot of time and energy attracting customers to their websites and digital experiences. Keeping your audience engaged is a different challenge. Vans, the shoe, and apparel company, uses Live Chat to enrich its online “Channel 66” experience.

Available in video streaming or audio-only formats, Channel 66 lets music fans come together to chat about their favorite songs. In addition to music, Channel 66 also features live commentary on bands, DJs, and other music topics.

3) Reinventing the IPO Like Nubank

For decades, initial public offering (IPO) events were formal events. Executives and investors would celebrate a company’s success on the stock exchange. There might be a ceremony, a party, and news coverage. 

Nubank, a bank from Brazil, decided to do something different in their 2021 IPO event. Anitta, a Brazilian superstar, sits on the bank’s board of directors. She also performed at the company’s IPO event. This event also included a chat experience for fans to connect. The lesson from Nubank – you can add fun to formal corporate events! 

4) Give Multiple Interaction Options Like Reuters’ Strategic Marketing Virtual Event

Reuters held the Strategic Marketing 2021 event in October 2021. The event stressed interactivity in several essential ways. First,  Reuters offered live chat, including polls and Q&A sessions, which was vital for the event’s value. Second, Reuters offered a networking “match-making” option. That platform allowed attendees to interact directly with speakers and other attendees. Third, the event included discussion boards for longer-form discussions.,

5) Keep Discussions On Your Website Like The Daily Telegraph

Sometimes we want to talk to someone about what’s happening in the world at that very moment. Most of the time, we run to our social media and start posting, whether that’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

But, with Live Chat embedded in your website or blog, there’s no need to go anywhere else to post and discuss the news. People can talk right there and then what’s on their minds!

And that’s exactly what the Daily Telegraph is doing on their portal.

Daily Telegraph does Live Chat on their portal.

6) Reinvent Church Services With Live Chat Like City Gates

Since the pandemic started, many churches decided to go online for their services. For this experience to be more involving and personal, many of them also chose to use a Live Chat. During the church service, church members can talk about it, share their thoughts and pray together virtually.

City Gates is one of the churches following this tactic. They perform services on Sundays, and the chat is available during this period. 

7) Empower Students To Get Answers: The Bridgend College Story

This UK college found a way to help students through the internet. Due to the pandemic, virtual education has become a necessity. Using a Live Chat, the student asks their question and someone responsible for this service will answer them right away. They can get their questions answered about various subjects, from financial aid to work placement assistance.

8) Make NBA Coverage More Engaging Like Fox Sports

Fox Sports became a reference for Live Chat usage during the NBA games. They created an online community for basketball lovers; that is just amazing. Any sports and games can have a discussion page where fans can talk about their favorite moments.

For some games and sports news, chats are only open for a limited time. You can see what was discussed during the live session when closed. When closed

In addition, they also used Live Chat for a live Q&A in an interview with Tom Morris. It was a huge hit, fans loved it, and the sports company will probably use it more times!

Fox Sports is a reference for Live Chat usage during the NBA games.

9) Appeal to Disc Golf Fans

Still on the sports subject, this is a website to watch disc golf games, follow news about the sport, find information about athletes, and a calendar to see the upcoming games. 

The Live Chat here is available when a match is happening, making a big difference for spectators. They can talk about the game, comment on their favorite moments, and share their overall thoughts on the match.

10) Encourage Virtual Business Network Like Dynamics Con

This was an event about business-related subjects. It had several lectures on technology, finances, etc., where participants could watch live and discuss with the speakers through the Live Chat tool.

Webinars are pretty popular nowadays, and the Live Chat can help spectators to get their questions answered, just like it happened during this event.

11) Boost Public Health Awareness Like Toronto’s CityNews

This news website from Toronto used Live Chat to engage its readers during a public health Q&A about coronavirus. The topic was fresh, and people were interested in it. You can still read some answers on the website page and check all the saved questions on the chat.

Boost Public Health Awareness Like Toronto’s CityNews.

12) Start The Diversity Discussion Like Diversity Live

Diversity Live was an event that happened during the pandemic in 2020, with many lectures on various themes related to diversity like diversity in sports, marketing, and diversity on social media. Like other online events, the Live Chat helped transform the whole experience for the spectators and speakers alike.

While spectators talked and contributed their thoughts, speakers could hear some questions and lead their speeches accordingly.

The Next Step To Add Live Chat Takes Just 10 Minutes

Planning a virtual event takes significant time and effort. You might think that adding a live chat capability to your event is too challenging to try. That’s why Arena Live Chat is designed for a fast setup. Most users can set up and install Live Chat in less than 10 minutes. Don’t believe us? You can try our Live Chat for free. Sounds great, right?

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