Customizing Your Live Chat: A Complete Guide

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There are several reasons why most companies are focusing on improving Live Chats in recent times. In addition to improving user experience, Live Chat has become one of the most exciting conversion tools in marketing. It is also considered a transformative customer care tool when it is properly used. 

There is a need to customize your Live Chat Service if you want to get all the benefits it can offer. The goal should be to transform it in a manner that can sustain the relationship between the business and your customers and also optimize it for conversion.

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How Do You Customize Your Live Chat Service? 

Customizing a Live Chat service is more challenging than programming a chatbot. It is more about creating a template that can be followed by your agents than creating instant responses (for chatbots) that don’t really add a human touch to the conversation. 

But how exactly do you create a Live Chat template? You can make use of the most commonly asked questions to create templates that will make communication with customers easier, faster, and more efficient. You will have to create ready-to-use Arena technology scripts (canned responses). 

What Are The Major Benefits Of Live Chat Templates? 

Live Chat templates help in many ways to make the platform more engaging and more productive. Canned responses make it easy for your agents to engage with customers easily and provide the right information. This way, communication is optimized. 

Chat templates also make tool communication faster. A good template will guide your agents to understand customers’ needs faster, communicate better with them, and offer the needed help as soon as possible. It also makes it easy for agents to help customers make purchases or perform any function they intend to perform on your website faster. 

Why It Is Important To Follow a Protocol 

With Live Chat templates, your agents will follow protocol while dealing with customers. Why is this important? Well, it helps to make sure that there is a predictable way to communicate through the Arena technology. This predictability helps to make communication easier, faster, and result-oriented. 

When there is a protocol to follow, Live Chat agents work better. They will be more purpose-oriented, treating each session with a customer with the utmost regard. This, in turn, improves the chances of conversion and makes the experience more pleasant for customers. At the same time, it makes the works of the agents easier and more fulfilling.

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Examples of Quick Response Answers and How They Help 

Bellow, we will demonstrate how to customize your platform with examples for different scenarios: 

Greetings and Introduction: 

Customers appreciate a warm welcome to your website and will be more engaged when the agent initiates conversation in a friendly manner; 

“Hello there! My name is Mike. How can I help you today?” 

Asking for More Details 

Sometimes, the agent will need more details from customers to understand their challenges better and provide the perfect solution; 

“Of course, I can help you with that. However, I will need a few more details from you first. What is your…?”

Verifying Your Understanding 

Sometimes, agents will want to be sure of what customers want. It is easier when they ask in a polite and professional way; 

“Let me see if I have this correct: you would like to…” 

Admitting You Do Not Know 

This can be a tricky situation. However, it is important that Live Chat agents politely admit that they ‘don’t know’ when that is the case. This is how best to respond; 

“Sorry, I’m not really sure about it myself. I can talk to someone about it and relay the information to you. Could you please leave me your email or phone number?” 

Transferring to another Live Chat Operator 

Some customers hate being transferred to another operator. When there is a need for that, it is important that the agent handle it in a nice and professional manner like;

“I really need to connect you with my colleague who is more familiar with this situation. I am confident he/she will offer the perfect solution at this point.” 

Putting On Hold 

Sometimes, putting customers on hold is inevitable. It is important, however, that it is done in the most respectable manner. 

“Would you mind holding on for a few moments? I really need to check this with (person or department name)”

Getting Customers to Leave Their Contact Details 

Some customers are reluctant to leave their contact details for any reason. If there is really a need for that, there are nice and professional ways to ask and get the right, positive response:

“I may need to get back to you with something better really soon. Can you please leave your email or phone number right here?” 

Missing a Chat Request 

If your Live Chat agent happens to miss a chat request, it is important that they respond the right way to pacify and engage the customer afresh. This is how it can be done: 

“Hello! I’m really sorry that we missed your chat. How can we help now?” 

Sending Links to External Resources 

Sometimes, your agents may need to direct customers to some resources they really need. This is an example of how to do it politely:

“Please take a look at this webpage:(link), you’ll find it really helpful”.

Handling Complaints 

When a customer makes a complaint through the tool, it is important that your team responds as soon as possible and offers some form of solution. Here is an example of how to do it;

“I’m really, really sorry to hear about that. I understand that it caused you a lot of trouble. Let me see what I can do now to make things right.” 

Wrapping up The Chat 

When the chat is getting to an end, it is important that the operator checks with the customer to see if he/she needs help with anything else: 

“(Customer Name), is there anything else I can assist you with today?” 

Ending the Chat 

When it is time to end the chat, make sure your agents do it in the most professional manner; 

“I am glad I could help today. I wish you a great day!” 

Dealing With Trolls and Confused Customers 

Sometimes, consume customers initiate a session mistaking your company for another. Some other times, online trolls may end up in your platform. Here is a respectful way to reply; 

“I’m sorry you reached the wrong company. We currently have no business or affiliation with the company you have mentioned.” 

Training your Agents to Use the Live Chat Template 

After creating your Live Chat template, it is important that you teach your agents how to use them the right way. They should also learn how to make it personalized and suitable for different customers. You also need to teach them to be disciplined about following protocols. Proper training and monitoring will help you reap all the important benefits of a customized Live Chat service. 

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