How Amazon boosted user engagement at Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day is arguably the most profitable day of the year for eCommerce. In 2020, analysts believe sales rocket by 49 percent, hitting $10.6 billion and over 200 million products sold.

As Amazon keeps expanding its global reach – only this year, Prime Day happened simultaneously in 19 countries – some markets presented significant opportunities for affiliates that generate revenue from promoting Amazon’s products.

According to Amazon, Brazil is the country with the fastest growth in Prime subscriptions. Currently, the benefits plan already has active users in 95% of the country’s municipalities.

Tecmundo and Amazon Prime Day

Tecmundo, one of Brazil’s most popular websites for technology news, with over 20 million unique visitors, leveraged the Amazon Prime Day to boost its revenue and bring massive traffic to their website.

As I wrote before, Globo – the world’s second-largest TV Network – used the Arena Live Blog and Live Chat to cover the NBA finals and increase user engagement and revenue. 

Tecmundo went one step ahead and combined Arena’s products, Amazon Prime Day, and its own digital domains to create a unique environment – comparable to a real store on a Black Friday, with many customers interactions, conversations, and of course, sales.

To explore Amazon Prime Day as much as possible, Tecmundo created a hot site to cover all of Amazon’s best deals in real-time with continuous updates and ongoing discussions about the offers, products, and genuine customer reviews. The hot site basically consisted of Arena’s Live Blog and Live Chat.

Why Live Blog?

A live blog is, put simply, a curated news feed that can be integrated into websites, providing rolling coverage of any event in real-time. It combines content that is usually fragmented across the web, complementing articles and written stories with images, videos, tweets, polls, live group chats, and other digital assets that can be embedded in the feed.

Live blogs are widely used for breaking news coverage as they consolidate reported information to content pieces from outside the news organization, like user-generated content and inputs from social media. 

It’s a transparent format in which journalists can update and attach multiple formats in an easy-to-digest layout. 

What is a Live Chat?

A Live Chat is a communication platform that enables users to engage in relevant conversations with each other. Live Chats are commonly used to cover live events to provide an instant communication channel to users of a specific website, for instance. 

A Live Chat is the ideal option for companies that want to provide real-time interactions for customers who are browsing their website, learning about their products, and analyzing the brand’s reliability, for example.

Getting creative with Live Chat and Live Blog

On its hot site created exclusively for Amazon Prime Day, Tecmundo utilized a remodeled Arena Live Blog and Live Chat.

The Live Blog that usually displays conventional news updates in real-time, was configured only to show product offerings and hot deals from Prime Day. The Live Blog was automatically curating these deals from Amazon’s domains. 

The Arena Live Chat was also integrated into the same page. Potential buyers could talk between themselves, question the products’ quality, share personal experiences, reviews, and ask Tecmundo’s dedicated support team questions about the merchandise.

How Arena CDP can refine your sales strategy 

Today, marketing leaders need robust tools to optimize and personalize every interaction while engaging users to build significant and lasting relationships.

Arena offers the full solution to engage, understand, and turn your users into paying customers.

The Arena Data Platform enables publishers like Tecmundo to regain control of their user’s data. 

Our solution offers a unified 360-degree view of users, gathering data from different points of contact (multiple platforms) and enabling companies to find out who their potential customers are, how they behave, when they are ready to buy, and why.

The Arena Customer Data Platform consolidates all the customer data on a comprehensive dashboard to build an authentic unified profile.

Publishers can then analyze customer behavior in real-time to build unique customer experiences to increase engagement and sales on their platforms. 

You can also create experiences like Rogers Media, Fox Sports, Globo and many more. Start a free trial now and see for yourself.

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