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Push Notification Segmentation is super-effective for marketing purposes. Notifications become even more efficient when the audience is segmented.

Unless you have a static audience (which is impossible), Push notification segmentation is one of the essential steps you can take to get the right messages to the right audience and achieve your marketing objectives.

The goal of sending push notifications to your subscribers is not just to get them to buy what you are selling. Actually, the purpose is to enable you to get closer to them.

You can only do this when you send highly personalized messages. This is what segmentation will help you achieve.

What is segmentation?

In simple terms, segmentation means dividing a heterogeneous audience into more homogenous and manageable parts. Segmentation is done based on parameters marketers consider very important, such as demographic, geographic, social, and behavioral patterns.

By segmenting your audience, you are creating target groups. This is normally done directly on websites by embedding filters, forms, and questionnaires before or after a visitor has made a purchase. External tools can also be used when trying to attract new customers.

How is segmentation used in marketing?

It has been reported that as much as 75% of internet users are concerned about how their personal data are used by companies. At the same time, up to 62% of users expect brands to send them personalized messages. How do you reconcile this? The answer is segmentation.

Basically, segmentation is used in marketing to get the right message to the right audience. For push notifications, segmentation is used to create a target audience so that it becomes relatively easy to reach the different target audiences with the right message.

Types of segmentation

As hinted earlier, there are parameters used for segmentation. These are the criteria that determine where each member of the audience falls into. They determine the type of segmentation in use:


This is segmentation based on the location of the website visitor. You can collect data on the location of website visitors and use it to target your audience. You can target according to country, city, or even district.


This pertains to age, gender, nationality, and a few other parameters. Age significantly affects people’s buying behaviors, and you can use your demographic data to target your audience and send relevant push notifications.


Social parameters, like education level, income, marital status, among others, are also used for segmentation.


Based on the behavior and activities of a subscriber or website visitor, you can send push notifications that will get him/her to buy your products or services. It is not rocket science; frequency of purchase, interest in certain products, etc., can be used for targeting.

Segmentation can also be based on device type, whereby the device used by the visitor to subscribe to the push notification is captured.

How does segmentation work for Push Notification?

Fundamentally, segmenting works in push notification almost the same way it works with other marketing methods. Here, you will need different subscriber groups and create push notifications with information that corresponds to their tastes and needs.

It is important to state clearly here that segmentation is not exactly the same as personalization. Rather, segmentation facilitates personalization. In effect, it allows marketers to improve campaign conversion rates and overall efficiency.

Depending on the tools in use, push notification segmentation may operate on metadata, tags, and aliases.

Metadata filters

This is deployed during the subscription process of the push notification system. Within the little time it takes to subscribe, the system can capture information regarding the browser being used (Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), the Operating System (Windows, iOS, Android), and the location of the device. The information can be used for location-based push notifications.


Tags are used to target subscribers and website visitors according to their interests and activities on the site. It can be set for categories or product pages to observe and tag visitors that open the pages and those who perform specific actions.

Tags are used to send push notifications about new arrivals, improved offers, and discounts, as many more, according to the interest of the subscribers.


Aliases are personal identifiers that can be effectively used to personalize offers and trigger notifications. The push notification system accesses personal identifiers for subscribers as they log in or provide their details.

It can be the username, email address, token, etc.; this allows marketers to send push notifications to subscribers individually.

Benefits of segmenting your audience

Good push notifications are the ones that help marketers to get closer to the subscriber and convince them to buy. It has to be personalized, and it has to convert. These are the things push notification segmentation can bring. Here are specific benefits of push notification segmentation:

It Gets you closer to your audience

Segmentation is regarded as the first important step towards personalization. When you are able to effectively segment your audience for push notifications, you will be able to send everyone messages they will find useful. You can take a step ahead to personalize the messages. When you do, it takes you a huge step closer to your audience.

It Improves your conversion rates

Conversion rates, and not click rates, actually defines success in marketing. As you most likely know already, push notification segmentation will take the right messages to the right people who will click through and make purchases or subscribe to your services because it actually interests them.

It Improves user experience

If you want to run a sustainable business, user experience is another important area you need to work on. Luckily, push notification segmentation helps you so much in that regard.

Personalized messages to your target audience will show them that you actually care about them, even though you want to sell.

It Improves your marketing efficiency

When you get the right messages to the right people and get many of them to take the actions you want them to take, your marketing efficiency improves.

That is what data-driven marketing is all about. That is one of the benefits you get from segmentation of push notification and Arena Personas use. Overall, you will spend less to achieve great results.


Push notification segmentation improves your marketing efforts in many ways. It is based on customer data and helps marketers personalize push notifications.

As you probably know already, data-driven marketing is the future. Push notification segmentation is part of the future.

Arena is always here for you. Your brand’s Customer Engagement Platform can leverage Arena Personas first-party data. Get started for free in minutes.

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