Vimeo OTT vs. Uscreen: 6 Factors To Consider

Vimeo OTT vs. Uscreen: 6 Factors To Consider

Use this guide to compare Vimeo OTT vs. Uscreen so you can make a thoughtful choice of the right video streaming platform.

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Gui Boechat

Gui Boechat

February 21, 2022


Choosing the right video streaming platform can differentiate between a memorable experience and a frustrated audience. Use this guide to compare Vimeo OTT vs. Uscreen so you can make a thoughtful choice.

What branding options do they offer?

Using an unbranded video streaming platform distracts your audience away from your content. They may notice your logo in some places and the video stream branding in other places. These kinds of inconsistencies can make or break conversions because they hurt your credibility.

With Vimeo OTT, you have complete branding control. Want a mobile app or an app for smart TVs? Vimeo can create those viewing experiences for you. As a result, your audience will never have doubts if they are in the right place when they view your stream.

In comparison, Uscreen provides the option to create your own branded apps. That puts a burden on your developers and engineers to learn, develop, test, and maintain an app with Uscreen.

What monetization capabilities do they have?

Earning revenue from your video stream is vitally important. However, video streams are different. You might have some publicly accessible video streams monetized through advertising and an ad-free experience for paying subscribers. Even if you are only using one monetization strategy today, choosing a flexible video streaming tool is essential. Otherwise, you might be forced to change video platforms in the future.

Vimeo OTT equips streamers with multiple monetization options. Streamers can choose to generate revenue through advertising, subscriptions, direct sales, and registrations. Further, Vimeo OTT streamers keep complete Control over subscriber data. That means you can easily understand what type of monetization works best with your audience in the long term.

Uscreen offers several monetization choices, including royalties, in-app purchases, pay per view and support for international payments. However, Uscreen’s website is less clear on how it supports advertising.

How do they compare with video playback? 

Offering multiple choices for video playback is critical to maximizing your audience. For example, you might live stream an event and have viewers in various time zones. In that situation, some viewers may want to view the content through their mobile devices in the evening, while others might prefer a brilliant TV experience. You can maximize the number of people viewing your content by offering viewing options.

Vimeo OTT supports a wide variety of apps. Streamers can share their video content through iOS and Android apps. In addition, Vimeo OTT supports intelligent TV platforms like Android TV and Apple TV. Further, Vimeo OTT users can share their content to the Xbox platform.

Uscreen also gives streamers several choices for video playback. For example, viewers can access Uscreen content through Chromecast and Apple Airplay. However, the company’s video player doesn’t appear to be supported on as many platforms as Vimeo.

Which has the most industry experience?

Industry experience is an important variable to consider when selecting a video platform. A well-established company has more time to perfect its support and technology. In comparison, less mature services may struggle to keep up with sudden increases in video demand.

Vimeo OTT has been offering video streaming to customers since 2004. As a result, over three million end users have enjoyed Vimeo OTT videos. Further, Vimeo has supported over 2,000 different channels, including car racing, horror movies, exercise videos, and many other types of content. See our post, which highlights ten different Vimeo OTT examples for more details.

Uscreen is a newer player in the video streaming space. The company was started in 2015, making it much newer than Vimeo. In addition, Uscreen operates at a smaller scale with approximately 25,000 creators. Certainly, Uscreen is not brand new to the streaming industry, but it has less experience than Vimeo.

What do reviewers say?

Consulting user reviews of each video streaming platform is another helpful way to identify strengths and weaknesses in these platforms.

According to G2, a business software reviews website with over 1.6 million reviews, Vimeo OTT has good scores for ease of use (8.1 out of 10) and support quality (8 out of 10). In addition, users comment positively on the upload experience and high-quality video delivery. Some reviewers were critical of the platform’s pricing.

Users on well regard Uscreen. Top user ratings for Uscreen include ease of use (9.3 out of 10), quality of support (9.6 out of 10), and ease of setup (8.1 out of 10). In addition, several users commented positively on the company’s customer service. On the other hand, a few users were critical regarding Uscreen’s analytics and customization difficulties.

Which integrations do they support?

The video streaming platform you select needs to fit seamlessly into your business. That’s why integrations are essential. It is easy to automate tasks and avoid errors when you have the right mix of integrations.

Vimeo has an impressive catalog of integrations and partners. For example, you can upload videos directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Further, Vimeo has integrations that make life events easier, including Eventbrite, Bizzabo, and Zoom.

Unscreen also has a suite of integrations, but it has a different emphasis. You can connect Uscreen to Google Tag Manager for better analytics. In addition, Uscreen makes e-commerce sales easier by integrating with Zapier, Drip, and Mailchimp. However, Uscreen appears to have less video distribution and management tools support.

How To Optimize Vimeo With Arena

While both platforms have considerable value, we see Vimeo OTT as the best choice for today’s video streaming needs. That said, video streaming on its own can be a passive experience with minimal engagement. Fortunately, improving engagement is easy when you leverage Arena. By setting up Arena on Vimeo OTT, you can easily add Live Chat and Live Blog interaction with your audience. Check out the tutorial video below and see how easy it is to integrate Arena Live Chat in Vimeo OTT.

What if you’re not sure what’s working in your video streaming? There’s no need to guess anymore. Use Arena Personas to understand what interactions and content drive your audience to engage, convert and buy.

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