30 Live Blog Benefits for Your Marketing Strategy

30 Live Blog Benefits for Your Marketing Strategy

Live Blogs transform your marketing strategy by making your content more interactive while widening revenue and increasing customer retention.

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Tiago Youssef

Tiago Youssef

June 22, 2020


Live blogs are impactful, authentic, and real-time engagement solutions. They transform your marketing strategy by making your content more interactive while widening revenue and increasing customer retention. 

In today’s massive information cycle, having a platform that allows companies to combine several forms of real-time content to create live experiences is a must for those who wish to engage customers. Videos, live streams, short posts, articles, audios — everything can and should be used to offer relevant information to your followers. 

If you want to catch people’s attention with organic, immediate content they can interact with, it is definitely time for you to have a live blog.

A live blog is a platform that blends different formats and sources to generate instant content. From journalism to sports games and politics, live blogging is the future of multimedia customer engagement and has so many benefits it would be a shame not to number some of them.

30 Live Blog Benefits for Your Marketing Strategy

We gathered 30 actual live blog benefits that will explain why you should strongly consider live blogging for your marketing strategy.

Let’s get started!

1. Skyrocket customer engagement

Liveblogging introduces your customers to a new way of communicating and sharing information while it happens. The fact users can live chat, leave in-feed comments, and watch live events is crucial to bring them closer to you and engage them with relevant content.

2. Boost revenue

As people grow supportive of real-time content, popular search engines start paying more attention to live blogs, and that is an amazing SEO (search engine optimization) opportunity. Imagine owning a tool that is privileged by Google searches and links you to potential customers more easily, causing revenue growth. 

Ads and affiliate marketing can also be worked on live blogs. Arena’s tool, for example, connects with your AdSense account to generate new inventory by adding Ads to your live blog feed. You can also embed links and promo codes on your website to increase sales revenue.

3. Get more ROI

When worked accurately, live blogs can return investments as few things can. If you’re covering a live event, be aware that the job isn’t over when your live stream is turned off. Every live experience generates new content opportunities that increase your ROI rates.

Transforming live coverage into other formats is a powerful way to distribute noteworthy content beyond the confines of your website. Recall that videos, e-mails, articles, social media posts, and others, can reach more advertisers, and that is another live blog benefit.

Needless to say, engagement also plays a huge role in live blog ROI — and, as you already know, live blogs are all about organic audience engagement.

4. Humanize your brand

Anything could happen when you create real-time content, especially if you’re considering streaming real-time events on your field. Scripts certainly help, but live coverage will make your team vulnerable. The good news is that vulnerability humanizes your content and truly shows how your brand behaves in authentic situations (and yes, your customers will admire you for that).

5. User interaction growth

Dynamic and energetic, live blogs encourage your readers to interact with your content. They can make questions, reply to polls, retweet your content, chat with other readers, and leave comments on your page.

6. Provide exclusive content

Live blogging exclusive content is a spectacular way to create brand awareness and to provide users with information they can’t find anywhere else. From interviews to partnerships, from customer loyalty programs to exclusive coverages, possibilities are countless and can be worked in several ways in a live blog strategy.

7. Customer retention

Live blogs are highly related to customer experience. As you are aware, good customer experiences remain sacred in your audience’s mind. Give people valuable content that keeps them up to date, answer their questions, solve their problems, and empower them to be part of the experience and see how they come back for more.

8. Complement event coverage

Another live blog benefit is that two people may live blog simultaneously, communicating with each other. This takes online interaction to a new level and complements event coverages.

9. Widen your audience

Promoting your live blog can reach a wider number of people as much as a good customer experience can make people talk about you. Widening your audience can happen both in creating a buzz to talk about your live blog content and when people recommend you to friends, family, and colleagues who might take an interest in what your brand communicates.

10. Talk about things as they happen

When important occurrences take place, people no longer wish to wait until the end of the day to watch TV or read an article about what happened. Live blog posts are published as things happen, giving an immediate context to what’s new and informing people right away.

11. Optimize editorial work

In today’s fast environment, optimizing all the work you can is essential. An outstanding live blog benefit is that it automatically reaches out for content in many different channels, bringing out several sources of information together to optimize and fasten editorial work. The cherry on top is that your live blog can be updated through our mobile app, which makes it possible for you and your editorial team to post on the go. 

12. Enrich posts

Lacking-in-action posts might not be enough to satisfy your audience anymore. Highlights on social media surely call attention, as do written articles (prove is, you’re reading this one!). Still, many features and formats can be embedded to enrich live blog posts and make them as interactive as possible. Reactions, comments, GIFs, videos, and more, can be used to give content a new face and connect to users in untapped ways.

13. Foster live discussions about your brand

Live blogs are perfect to promote a sense of real-time dialogue. Whether you’re live streaming or pulling posts from Twitter, content can and must be used to stimulate interesting conversations about your brand and how it helps people solve their issues.

14. Be one step ahead from your competitors

When you’re ready to go live and provide content instantly, you publish fresh news as they happen. You don’t have to make your users wait for information you can deliver right away, and that will differentiate you from your competitors.

15. Make the best out of user-generated content

People are so empowered these days they can both create and consume content — and, if you don’t have an effective social stream to monitor relevant content and feed your live blog, you’re missing out. 

Many untried opportunities can be drawn on by finding user-generated content that connects with your audience and by making it part of your live blog stream. Another live blog benefit is that monitoring helps you find exceptional partnerships to promote your brand.

16. Get closer to your niche audience

Live content happens in real-time and leaves no room for people who might not be interested in what you have to say. In a post-on-the-go strategy, only people that really want to be updated will watch and read what you’re publishing, and this type of urgent content consumption is ideal to approach more engaged people in your niche.

For example, Arena powered Fox Sports live blog to be niche-specific and embedded a live chat to create a sense of community for basketball lovers. We also provided the right features for the NBA to be live-blogged in Brazil, letting readers like and share updating posts. 

17. Don’t miss out insights

Liveblogging isn’t all about covering an event. Remember you need to have a strategy before, during, and after your coverage takes place. By thoughtfully observing and listening to how your customers react to your content, you can get valuable insights that will lead to a better understanding of your target audience and their needs. 

18. Automate content distribution

Timing is crucial in liveblogging. If you’re not ready to post right away, live coverage loses meaning and relevance. Gladly, live blog platforms provide quick ways to search for content and repost it. By doing this, your team’s workflow can be easily automated to give them time to focus on more complex and meaningful tasks.

19. Be accessible

Live blogs are simple and accessible. They can be customized to fit your company’s look and feel and will remain intuitive and responsive to users’ devices. Besides, it has a quick and interactive approach that will make you seem more available to your readers.

20. Make users spend more time on your website

By allowing readers and viewers to feed the stream with their comments and reactions, you guarantee they spend more time on your website.

21. Personalize your communication

Arena has been helping companies from different cores and sectors to personalize their live blogs’ communication with widgets. From customizing icons and avatars to adding many social features, we allow brands to create their own live blog theme and personalize every aspect to match design and branding messages.

22. Establish authority

Fresh, real-time content addressed with consistency and interactivity will help your brand to be perceived as an authority. If people leave your live blog satisfied with the amount of new information you provide, you’re paving the way for them to return whenever they want to get an update.

23. Educate your audience

Want to launch a new product and show how it stands out? Tell your audience about a new social initiative you’re developing? Sell a specific product while live streaming? Use your live blog! Liveblogging is perfect to educate your audience, as long as you can keep their interest.

24. Give context

In liveblogging, everything is pretty much about context, which leads to a high-powered storytelling opportunity. Sometimes, all you need is to give context to your audience to show how you can help them reach their goals. When used in live blogs, storytelling also allows you to get emotional to link with users and create a unique customer relationship.

25. Make efficient use of social media

Track specific hashtags and keywords to find posts and conversations related to your brand. Then, compile and scale them to your live blog to add to your content strategy.

26. Take audience ownership back to your website

Providing real-time, constant content will build credibility and attract users to your website. This way, people will see your live blog as the right place to go to get updates instead of leaving your social media and other channels.

27. Depend less on social media (and their algorithms)

Once you drive traffic to your live blog, it is easier to depend less on content that’s created on social media and their algorithms. In other words, you have more control over your own content when you work it on a live blog.

28. Deliver news in a more dynamic way

People are tired of reading static content and not being able to feel like they’re part of the experiences rolling around. By liveblogging, you give them the exact opposite, allowing them to interact with news delivered dynamically.

29. Create hype

When you give customers the chance to witness real-time events remotely, you create anticipation immerse them in unrepeatable experiences. Actual consumers love being able to connect in unique ways, so there is a high chance that you will create hype towards your live blog feed by offering the type of connection users are looking for.

30. Make updates interactive

You don’t have to just post an announcement and leave it as it is. Let people discuss it. Let them exchange opinions and reciprocate their interest with appropriate interactions.

In Brazil, Arena delivered a live blog to keep Brazilian readers updated about the Coronavirus outbreak. It contains numbers of global cases that are daily updated and different sources of information put together in a single place to give followers a broad perspective of what’s happening. It also contains a live chat, where readers can interact with each other and exchange information.

Move forward and benefit from live blogging

Now that you theoretically now about so many live blog benefits, it’s time you start taking advantage of them!

Be ready to engage customers, distribute content, and be acknowledged as an authority on your niche. Try our live blog tool for free!

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