How to stream video with Vimeo OTT In 7 Steps

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Learning how to stream video online using Vimeo is easy. Follow this guide to plan and execute a live video stream. By following these steps, you will run a video experience for your audience directly on your website. Running a live video stream from your website is powerful because you can offer an engaging experience free of social media distractions.

Why Use Vimeo for OTT?

Over the top (OTT) media is a popular way to share video content online without using a cable, satellite, and other traditional means. Many people know Vimeo as an online video platform. However, it is capable of much more than sharing videos. Vimeo OTT is an excellent choice for streaming because it is fully brandable and offers multiple monetization choices, including advertising and subscriptions. It is one of the best ways to add streaming video to your organization.

1) Set Up Your Vimeo Account

Your starting point in streaming video with Vimeo is to create your account. Your first step is to choose a Vimeo OTT plan. The starter plan is suitable for organizations just getting started in live video streaming. The growth and enterprise plans are better suited to companies that need multiple streams and pay-per-view options.

2) Customize Vimeo OTT For Your Organization

Out of the box, Vimeo OTT has significant video streaming capabilities. That said, creating an immersive branded video experience requires some work on your part. Fortunately, customizing Vimeo for your organization is simple.

At a minimum, use the following tips to customize the Vimeo OTT platform.

  • Apply Your Branding To The Vimeo OTT Platform. Upload your branding to Vimeo OTT.
  • Create A Vimeo OTT Custom App. You can create a custom app for your video channel. Reach out to Vimeo to discuss this further.

3) Integrate Vimeo With Your Website

Your next step is to add a Vimeo OTT video to your website. Adding live streaming video to your website means you can create a more engaging video experience. For example, you might run a live stream video to promote a new product. When that video stream is displayed directly on your website, it is easier for customers to view and order products.

4) Plan Your Video Stream Content

With Vimeo OTT installed, you are now ready to plan your video content. If you are already experienced in running online video events, skip ahead to the next step.

For organizations new to live stream video, take some time to brainstorm and plan your content. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Instead, read our post: 9 Steps To Make Your Own Live Stream. You will learn about the audio and video equipment needed for an event.

5) Enhance Your Livestream With Live Chat

Creating a live stream video that grabs your audience’s attention is difficult. Your audience might get distracted by a notification, email, or text at any moment. There are two ways to solve the problem of maintaining high levels of engagement.

Reduce Distraction

Start by looking for ways to reduce distractions. Using Vimeo OTT, your video experience can be branded, and free of clutter found on other platforms. You can also encourage attendees to turn off other browsers and devices for the duration of the event.

Increase Engagement

Ultimately there is a limit to how far you can cut distractions – that’s why boosting engagement is critical. Adding live chat to your video event is one of the best ways to make your virtual event more engaging. For example, you can use Arena Live Chat to run quick polls during the event. Offering a poll is one of the fastest ways to gather feedback from your audience. In addition, you can take questions from the audience through live chat.

Live chat to encourage comments and questions transforms your live stream video into a social experience. People often feel uncomfortable abruptly leaving a social event. When attendees see your video event in social terms, they are more likely to stay engaged.

6) Staff Your Livestream Video Event

A successful live stream video experience is a team effort. At a minimum, we suggest having a team of two people: presenter and support. The presenter will be front and center on the screen, interviewing other people and delivering content. On the other hand, the support person can focus on the live chat session and help attendees with questions. In addition, the support person can share links and conversion cards to drive action. For more significant events with hundreds or thousands of participants, a larger team may be needed to maintain engagement with your audience.

Once you have your team, boost their confidence by equipping them with a live training session.

6) Complete a Vimeo OTT Video Trial Run

Learning to use new video technology can be difficult. If you are unfamiliar with Vimeo’s advanced features like pay per view, your team may feel overwhelmed. Plan a small-scale video streaming event with your team to build your team’s confidence. As the test event progresses, verify that the presenters and support staff can view the live chat.

7) Schedule and launch Your Vimeo OTT Event

You are now ready to launch your first live stream video event using Vimeo. To maximize attendance, schedule the event at least a week in the future and then promote it. Make sure you post about the event on social media and highlight the event on your website.

Tip: Plan to offer subscriptions to your live stream video event? Reach out to Vimeo for tips on how to set up your subscription options.

Launch Your First Video Live Stream Today

The above seven steps take you from the start to the end of streaming video with Vimeo. However, we have some additional technical tips and tricks for you. For the best experience, download the free video success cheatsheet. You will learn to enhance your online video events by using Arena and Video OTT together.

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