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Social gaming is becoming popular with today’s social players. The days of being forced to play video games by yourself are over. Today’s social players have other options. Many gaming platforms have added text-based chat, voice chat, and other game communication options.

6 Popular Online Games With In-Game Chat

The best way to how the gaming industry is using chat messages, private chat, and more is to take a look at some of the most popular games. 

1. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming launched in 2020, and it has quickly become one of the most popular choices for social players. Today, Facebook Gaming supports many of the most popular titles in the gaming industry like Grand Theft Auto V, PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and Mobile Legends. The platform supports both PC and mobile device games at this time.

Facebook Gaming is successfully driving higher engagement in a few ways. The platform features games that are already popular. The top three most popular games on the platform have 40 million followers. In addition, the platform supports gaming tournaments and charity events. These 

So far, Facebook Gaming appears to be offered as a free service, but that is likely to change in the future. Facebook will likely add advertising in some form to their game chat solution.

2. Ludo King

Ludo King approaches in-game chat very differently from others in the gaming industry. The game emphasizes voice chat and encourages users to interact socially. Inspired by a board game, the Android app has hundreds of millions of downloads. To use the voice chat feature, players must watch videos.

The Ludo King approach to the game chat experience is different. The game essentially restricts access to the chat feature until users perform a specific action (i.e., watching videos). Other game developers use a similar strategy – restrict access to gaming content until players watch ads. 

Keep in mind that Ludo King had a few specific advantages that made their approach work. First, the game is based on appealing to a community of players filled with nostalgia for a childhood game. Second, the app has a more extensive user base. 

3. Fortnite

Fortnite has a strong commitment to social interactions. The app has granular voice settings where users can control whether they speak to the public, friends, or private. In addition, the real-time chat has moderation capabilities so that you can kick out of mute other players.

In addition to text chat, Fortnite partnered with Houseparty to offer video chat to players. However, this specific video chat feature was removed in 2021. According to TechCrunch coverage, Fortnite appears to be moving toward metaverse technology instead.

4. Call of Duty

Call of DuTy has earned a large following of online players since it was first released in 2003. The action game often involves teamwork to achieve missions. To coordinate these interactions, the platform required a game chat solution. 

In Call of Duty, your interaction with your game friends can take a few forms., You can use a text chat window to interact with other players. Some players use game voice chat to speak with their players. Offering both chat options is smart because unexpected voice chat issues can strike at any time.

5. Roblox

With more than one hundred million players, Roblox is one of the most successful gaming platforms. The company encourages third-party game developers to create new experiences for players. Roblox operates based on a freemium business model like many other gaming platforms. Obtaining Robux, a type of in-game currency, is required to access many of the platform’s advanced features.

Roblox offers a powerful in-game chat for players. Users can create custom chat groups, send private messages, and chat during gameplay. The Roblox chat interface shows which experience users are involved in to encourage further interaction. That’s a powerful way to use a chat interface to encourage more app usage.  

6. Lady Popular

Launched in 2009, Lady Popular is an online game aimed mainly at girls and women. Lady Popular is a dress-up fashion game where the player decides the clothes, makeup, accessories, and other aspects of their character’s appearance. 

Lady Popular users also have an online chat room where you can invite other users into chat rooms. Some users have commented about a poorly moderated chat experience, including bullying. Offering a welcoming chat experience that protects users is challenging for every game platform.

In-Game Chat Vs. Third-Party Chat

In-game chat is popular with gaming communities. Building an in-game chat experience may not be the focus of your game. Other developers may prioritize the development of in-game chat experiences.

Consider the following questions to help you decide whether to focus on in-game chat or third-party chat experiences.

1. What social interactions are users asking you to build?

Check specialized forums, Reddit, and other sources to get a sense of the social features that players are most interested in.

2. How will you approach the chat moderation issue?

Like it or not, online bullying and abusive behavior are common problems. According to some studies, over 70% of students have suffered cyberbullying. Choosing a chat app like Arena Live Chat can help because it includes content moderation features.

3. What type of chat – text, voice, or video – does your game need?

There are three popular types of chat available today: text, voice, and video chat. While video chat and audio have a lot to offer, they are not always ideal for gaming. Your users might find audio and video chat distracting. It is wise to offer text chat as a choice for your in-game chat. 

The Easy Way To Add Chat To Your Business

Building chat features into your game may be challenging if you already have a complex user interface. There are other ways to offer chat to your users, however. You can install live chat directly to your website with Arena Live Chat. It takes just a few minutes to get set up. You can use chat to support players and host events to bring your community together.

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