Online Events Ideas for Companies: Boost Team Engagement

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Online events for companies inspire you to bring together your employees, customers, and communities. You no longer have to start from the blank page when planning online events.

Online events ideas for companies: Team Building 

Spending time and effort on team building is well worth the effort. Team building helps employees view each other as three-dimensional people with various interests, quirks, and skills. With better trust and relationships, productivity will increase.

1) Virtual Happy Hour

  • Planning Effort: Low
  • Impact: Low

Coming together to share drinks is a tried and tested way of forging connections in the business world. When you take this concept into the online context, some adjustments are necessary. You might want to ship a gift card to employees so they can buy their preferred drink to make a big impression.

As far as online events go, a virtual happy hour is simple and easy to plan. Since the event is simple and unstructured, it is a good starting point if you are new to running online events.

2) Virtual Meditation Class

  • Planning Effort: Medium
  • Impact: Medium

Many employees struggle to manage stress effectively. This type of online event can ease the burden of heavy demands on your staff. Even the Mayo Clinic has stated that meditation is a simple, fast way to reduce stress.

Organizing a virtual meditation session is relatively simple. Seek out a meditation teacher with experience running virtual sessions for business audiences. Remember that many, if not all, of your employees might be inexperienced with meditation, so we recommend taking a beginner-friendly approach.

3) Virtual Cooking Class

  • Planning Effort: Medium to High
  • Impact: Medium 

Cooking is a life skill that most people want to improve. You probably have a few go-to recipes that you use repeatedly. Why not challenge yourself and your team to learn something new in the kitchen? Organize a virtual cooking class to learn something new.

Depending on your approach, the type of online event requires a few hours to a few days of planning. At its simplest, you could ask an accomplished chef or baker on your team to lead the event. 

Alternatively, you can also hire a cooking instructor to deliver a session. For example, Sur La Table in New York offers virtual cooking classes for $29 per household. The organization offers classes in preparing salmon, pasta, pastries, and more.

Aside from the event team, your employees will also have to put in some effort to prepare. For the best results, focus on easy recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

This type of virtual event has the potential to foster significant connections between your team. It gives everyone a chance to step away from the keyboard and make something. This kind of online event also lets participants involve all five senses! Make sure you include Arena Live Chat so that employees can easily ask for help and share their experiences.

4) Virtual Speed Networking

  • Planning Effort: Low
  • Impact: Low

As you explore different online events ideas for companies, it is crucial to tailor the idea to your company’s situation. If your company has recently hired many remote employees, that is an important reality to consider. Newly hired employees are less likely to have developed the internal networks and knowledge necessary to get ahead.

Organizing a virtual speed networking event is an excellent way to kickstart employee connections. The event format is simple. 

Schedule the event for 60 minutes and organize five ten-minute sessions. At the end of each 10-minute session, rotate people into a new meeting room. Break the ice by giving attendees a few starter questions (e.g., when did you join the company, your favorite movie, and what do you like doing outside of work)?

5) Virtual Murder Mystery

  • Planning Effort: Medium
  • Impact: Medium

Mysteries and detective stories – everything from Agatha Christie to Batman – have been famous for decades. These stories have human drama, clues, and intriguing puzzles to solve. To bring your team together, plan a virtual murder mystery online event!

For a hands-off approach, work with a facilitator like Detective Ness. Alternatively, you can run the session yourself by buying a kit like the Little Rock Horror Shop Murder! A virtual murder mystery event has outstanding team-building potential because you need to work together to solve a problem, analyze clues and ask good questions. 

6) Virtual Volunteer Event

  • Planning Effort: High
  • Impact: High

Corporate volunteering events have a long history of fostering team building while making the world better. At first, organizing a virtual volunteer event might feel tough. After all, you can’t exactly come together to paint a house, clean a yard or easily complete other tasks. Don’t worry; there are several ways to make this format work for you

The first option is to structure the virtual volunteer event as a celebration. With this approach, you’ll invite employees to spend a day volunteering with a local organization they love. Encourage them to take photos if permitted. A few days later, invite the volunteers to join an online event where they share photos and observations about their volunteer experiences.

As an alternative, you can also virtually perform some types of volunteer work! In this situation, think about your employees’ skills and which skills could be shared in a virtual context. For example, your employees might tutor students in math or English. Alternatively, you might offer a new immigrant networking session to help recent arrivals build connections. 

7) Virtual Holiday Event

  • Planning Effort: Medium
  • Impact: Medium

The holidays are an excellent time to bring together people for a celebration. For example, you might organize a virtual Halloween party close to October 31 where employees can show off their favorite costumes. Further, some companies plan a virtual Worksgiving event close to Thanksgiving to thank their employees. 

There is a critical nuance to scheduling a virtual holiday event: timing. You don’t want employees to feel compelled to show up for an event on Christmas Day or another official holiday. Instead, schedule your event about two to five days before the holiday.

From Online Events Ideas To Reality

Finding one or two live events ideas is just the beginning. Aside from simple events like a virtual happy hour, most of the best online events ideas for companies require planning, a team, and the right mix of technology. You’re not alone in this journey, though – download the Arena Live Events ebook to learn how to plan, promote, and run a successful online event.

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