Arena Android and iOS SDK November 2022 updates

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Arena has two big news for iOS and Android developers – we’ve updated our SDKs. This means that Arena Live Chat & Live Blog can be added and enhanced in the most used mobile platforms in the world.

Arena Android SDK

What’s new for Android developers?

Android developers can now add Polls and Q&A to their Arena Live Chat. This helps businesses increase engagement as well as get valuable insights from their customers. It’s also important to note that these new SDK features are only available to our Enterprise customers, but they are already included in the web version.

Arena iOS SDK

What’s new for iOS developers?

Arena’s iOS SDK allows developers to add Arena Live Chat to their apps with one of the most powerful engagement tools: Polls. This offers a great opportunity for businesses to increase retention, engagement and conversion by providing a more interactive experience. Plus, it gives businesses another way to collect valuable insights with an extra layer of real-time interaction.

Arena’s new SDK features: Polls & Q&A

About Polls

Arena Live Chat has a Polls feature, which allows to gather audience feedback, identify important topics for your users, and gain insight into what they think.

About Q&A

The Q&A is an Arena Live Chat feature that provides real-time engagement with users and gathers all of their questions and opinions in a moderation queue.


Arena is committed to helping businesses provide the best possible user experience. Our latest update is just another example of how we’re working to make that happen. We hope that these new features will help our customers increase audience retention, engagement, and conversion.

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