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In an increasingly noisy and competitive digital marketplace, quickly converting conversations into sales is crucial for brands and online retailers. To do this, brands must provide a superior customer experience, tailoring each interaction to the unique tastes and preferences of every customer. Arena’s Commerce AI is the answer to this challenge. It goes beyond mere engagement, driving them to make their desired purchase swiftly. 

This serves both consumers and brands by accelerating the buyer’s journey for consumers and allowing brands to precisely meet individual consumer needs.

Finally, a chat-to-cart solution based on conversations

Taking user engagement to the next level, Arena’s Commerce AI delivers a personalized, concierge-like experience for every website visitor. Arena’s solution does this by marrying the power of AI with existing content on websites, files, and text and creating hyper-personalized product recommendations that take into account each user’s distinct needs and preferences. 

This seamless transition from chat to cart ensures that users don’t just research products, but end up buying them.

A product expert trained by your content

Arena’s Commerce AI is an AI chat assistant that can be added to any commerce webpage. It is trained directly using website content and databases defined by the website owner, so it can have intelligent conversations with every visitor. With Commerce AI, you can help customers find exactly what they need and even suggest great recommendations to boost sales.

Arena Commerce AI personalization

Commerce AI was designed for publishers and e-commerce brands to capitalize on every customer conversation. Whether it’s increasing revenue through product recommendations or affiliate links, Arena’s new AI chat helps each individual web visitor with their own unique needs.

Check out some examples.

Commerce AI for publishers

Commerce AI for publishers

Digital news publishers sought to diversify their revenue streams. One relevant source of new revenue is the creation of product recommendation pages, through which publishers can leverage their credibility to monetize affiliate links.

With Commerce AI, the publisher can guide the reader in a conversational shopping experience, understanding the needs and wants and multiplying their product recommendations, increasing the chance to monetize affiliate links. 

Commerce AI for e-commerce

Online retailers also can trust Commerce AI to be their conversational guides to offering a better shopping experience. It goes beyond being just an inventory expander: Commerce AI understands and talks back to the shopper as a subject expert, giving out relevant recommendations in the context of the shopping occasion.

Commerce AI already offers Shopify and WooCommerce integrations, fast-tracking implementation for these platforms’ retailers. Other platforms can also add Commerce AI to their online stores by adding the embed code to their HTML code.

Drive the conversation into transactions

Today, with the release of Commerce AI, Arena is not just facilitating dialogues; it is revolutionizing the way brands monetize them. The future of e-commerce isn’t just cart additions – it’s in the unique conversations leading up to them. 

This innovation will empower brands to connect deeply with their audiences, establishing a level of trust that transforms casual visitors into loyal customers.

Add Commerce AI to your webstore in seconds

Try Commerce AI directly from Arena’s Dashboard. New accounts have a 14-day free trial period, and no credit card is needed.

Just follow the onboarding instructions, which will request URLs from your website so that your Commerce AI chat is trained with your content.

Then, all you have to do is personalize some of the information you’d want it to display, like greetings and a chat name, generate the embed code, and add it to your page code.

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