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Arena Live Chat added an extra layer of excellence to Swoogo’s event management software by easily boosting audience engagement.

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of increased event attendance from an Australian client


annual savings in events with a big media player


increased leads from a university client


Founded in 2015, Swoogo provides an event management platform that really simplifies the job for those who want to create a virtual event at a high level. The Swoogo platform is really complete, and its features range from registration to the day-of-event pages, video streaming to audience engagement.

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audience engagement easily.

At virtual events, audience engagement is more than important: it’s essential for reaching the highest goals.

The Big Picture

Hosting a virtual event is not easy. But, hosting a corporate virtual event is even more challenging. This is because some of the biggest attractions at in-person corporate events reside outside of the keynotes - it’s in the meetings, it’s in the networking.

Arena Live Chat just fit perfectly for what Swoogo needed. With powerful features, such as Direct Messages, Polls, and Q&As, the corporate virtual events hosted by Swoogo became much more audience-friendly. This enables them to connect with each other in a more professional way, and it even spurred new business deals.

A no-code solution allowed Swoogo to enhance its powerful platform and achieve even higher performance levels.

Engage the audience. Enhance the experience.

Making virtual more real.

To make virtual events even more interesting and engaging, Swoogo used Arena Live Chat to boost their platform and achieved extraordinary results.

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