Customer Story: RecordTV

Brazil's second-largest television broadcaster used Arena's second screen solutions to boost real-time audience engagement

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Brazil’s second-largest television broadcaster, RecordTV, has a new reality show: A Grande Conquista. To engage their audience at a deeper level, they decided to create a strong digital community writing a new chapter on this cutting-edge entertainment revolution.

How to boost TV audience engagement in 2023?

Nowadays, keeping the TV audience engaged is an almost impossible mission. Plus: if this audience is made up of GenZ, you can double down on the difficulties. But maybe the solution lies in the palm of its hands.

Capturing Attention Today Requires a Second Screen

Using QR codes during the live TV transmissions, RecordTV encouraged home viewers to scan in using their mobile devices in order to access exclusive content and community experiences on their second screen with solutions provided by Arena.

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Brand Safe & Fan Safe Experiences

Arena's solutions unlocked the high engagement's code

By using QR codes, RecordTV boosted it's first party registrations by hundreds per minute all while creating  brand-safe, and fan-safe,  place to show off exclusive content, experience, and sponsorships.

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