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Mary Fulton Fit

Arena Live Chat’s features easily enabled Mary Fulton Fit’s audience to engage and interact with each other (and also with Mary), turning them into a strong health and fitness community with a global reach.

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Vimeo OTT

powers Mary Fulton Fit's video streaming

Arena Live Chat

enables the community to create even stronger bonds


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Mary Fulton Fit

Mary Fulton is one of the best known online health and fitness coaches on the web. On her website, Mary Fulton Fit, she tells her story, shows her coaching cases, and offers access to her extensive fitness content (online classes/VOD) through membership plans.

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Staying home

also means staying healthy.

To create and evolve into a global community focused on health and fitness.

The Big Picture

Focused on fitness, Mary Fulton is building a large community of people from all over the world who also share the same goal: to stay healthy. With her OTT channel, powered by Vimeo,  she has raised the bar on the video quality of her content.

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Arena Live Chat powered Mary Fulton Fit by connecting, in real-time, with its audience, who got closer to Mary Fulton, to each other, and to their goals.

Arena Live Chat enabled extra powers for an online fitness community.

Mind. Body.
Soul. All

The goal is to raise the bars.

To enhance her Vimeo OTT Platform, Mary Fulton Fit added Arena Live Chat and boosted its online audience engagement in real-time.

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