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France Médias Monde (FMM) operates France 24, a premier international news network broadcasting worldwide in French, English, Arabic, and Spanish. With a mission to deliver comprehensive international news coverage and a wide array of perspectives on global events, FMM prides itself on its ability to provide in-depth analysis and live news coverage across multiple platforms, reaching millions of viewers and readers worldwide.

Global Influence: FMM broadcasts in four languages (French, English, Arabic, and Spanish), reaching millions of viewers and listeners across different continents, showcasing its massive global influence.

Innovative History: France 24, a key part of FMM, was launched in December 2006, with an ambitious goal to provide a French perspective to global news, a pioneering move in international broadcasting.

Diverse Audience: FMM’s unique broadcasting approach caters to a diverse global audience, including a significant following in Africa, the Middle East, and even in non-French speaking parts of Europe and the Americas.

Award-Winning Journalism: Over the years, FMM and its channels have received numerous awards for their high-quality journalism and innovative coverage of major global events, affirming their status in international news.

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Digital Transformation Challenges

FMM faced several key challenges in their quest to provide unparalleled live coverage of sports events, especially for high-profile tournaments like the Africa Cup of Nations:

Multi-Language Coverage: Delivering consistent, real-time updates in three languages (French, English, Arabic) to cater to their diverse global audience.

Data Integration and Stability: Integrating automatic game data (scores, statistics, player information) into their live blogs while ensuring platform stability, even during peak traffic.

Engagement and Interactivity: Enhancing reader engagement through interactive and visually appealing live blogs that could support multimedia content seamlessly.

Arena's Benefits

  • Instant News Coverage: Arena’s Live Blog allows multiple journalists to cover news the moment it happens, ensuring audiences receive real-time updates during fast-moving situations like conflicts or natural disasters.
  • Global Reach in Real Time: The platform’s multilingual support allows for simultaneous coverage in multiple languages, making critical news accessible to a global audience at the moment it unfolds.
  • Interactive and Engaging Content: Beyond text updates, Arena supports the integration of multimedia content (videos, images, social media posts) directly into live blogs, making the coverage more engaging and comprehensive.
  • Seamless Real-Time Updates: With the capability to publish news instantly, journalists can keep the public informed with up-to-the-minute developments, enhancing the outlet’s reputation as a reliable news source.

The Results

The implementation of Arena’s Live Blog for the FMM’s coverage was a resounding success, with FMM achieving unprecedented results:

  • Broadened Reach: Successfully covered 74 live matches in three different languages simultaneously, significantly expanding FMM’s reach and viewer engagement across its target demographics.
  • Increased Engagement: Viewer interaction soared, with live blogs receiving higher-than-average comments, shares, and overall engagement, attributed to the real-time updates and enriched multimedia content.
  • Operational Efficiency: The ability to integrate automatic game data and maintain platform stability under high traffic conditions led to a smoother operation, enabling journalists to focus on providing quality content without technical concerns.
  • Subscriber Growth: FMM observed a notable increase in new subscriptions and a decrease in churn rate, as the enhanced live coverage contributed to building a loyal audience base eager for real-time, multilingual sports content.


Arena’s Live Blog solution empowered France Médias Monde to redefine the standards of live sports coverage. By overcoming significant challenges related to language diversity, data integration, and audience engagement, FMM set a new benchmark for international sports journalism. Similar companies facing challenges with live event coverage, especially in a multilingual context, can look to FMM’s success story as a testament to the transformative power of the right digital tools in elevating sports journalism to new heights.

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