How Live Chat can Help Agencies and their Clients

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If you’re looking for a way to help clients improve engagement, increase sales, enhance customer support, and more, consider adding a live chat tool. Live chats tools are easy to set up, and they offer several benefits to both companies and customers. This guide was created to help digital agencies understand how live chat websites can benefit their clients. 

Guide to help digital agencies understand how live chat websites can benefit their clients.

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a messaging technology that lets users interact with your company and other users via a website chat widget. One study by Software Advice Inc. predicts that more than 85% of businesses will offer live chat by 2022. 

Live chats can be initiated by the company or the user, and company responses can be automated or answered by staff members. Digital agencies can create a live chat website for their clients to engage their audience and improve customer service.

How Digital Agencies can use Live Chat

By creating a chat website, digital agencies can improve engagement, enhance customer service, increase profits, and understand their audience. 

Improve Engagement

Digital agencies can create a live chat website that encourages users to interact with each other and the company. By giving users more ways and incentives to participate in conversations, they are more likely to stay on your clients’ websites. A website chat widget can be added to both a chat website or a live broadcast. 

For example, adding a group live chat during a live sporting broadcast encourages users to share their opinions and interact with each other on your chat. You can also incentivize users to comment by offering prizes, coupons, and product discounts. Fashion brands, like Vans, offer live music streaming DJ sets, aided by Live Chat in their website, to attract and retain users.

Agencies can add a dedicated Q&A that lets users ask relevant questions. Companies can add live chat polls to encourage user feedback and gain valuable insights on their preferences. They can also add call-to-action buttons that include pictures and product descriptions to maximize conversion. 

If improving engagement through group live chat, conversion cards, and Q&As sounds right for you, consider adding a tool like Arena Live Chat. Arena Live Chat is a comprehensive live chat tool that has provided customers with a 28% increase in subscription conversion, 40% reduction in marketing spend, and 64% increase in user engagement. 

For maximum results, pair Arena Live Chat with its Live Blog solution. A live blog can share instant updates on relevant events and can be used to encourage user interaction via live chat. 

Enhance Customer Service

Many website chat widgets specialize in customer service. By building a live chat website for clients, you can ensure their customers are well informed about their products and services. One study shows that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction level at 73%, followed by 61% for email support and 44% for phone support. 

Live chat increases the speed and efficiency of customer support. For example, an AI-powered chatbot can instantly respond to customer questions by sending push links, product information, and website navigation help. You can also let users chat with a staff member and allow agents to take the chatbot’s place. 

Increase Profits

Live chat can increase your client’s profits by boosting sales and reducing expenses. 

Live chat can increase your client’s profits by boosting sales and reducing expenses.

Live chat reduces friction in the sales process. One study shows that customers are 2.8 times more likely to make a purchase after engaging with a live chat agent

Without live chat, customers typically need to fill out a form to be later contacted via phone or email. With live chat, customers can connect to company sales teams instantly. 

Agents and chatbots can quickly handle objections and streamline the checkout process via live chat. They can provide free resources like tip sheets, PDF guides, and videos to inform customers. They can also address last-minute concerns on checkout pages. 

Live chat also reduces support costs. One study found that live chat customer support is 17% to 30% cheaper than phone support

With phone support, agents can only attend to one customer at a time. Live chat agents can multi-task by having three or more chat windows open at once. This allows them to provide more support in less time. 

Understand Your Audience

When paired with a customer data platform (CDP) or customer relationship management (CRM) tool, live chat is an effective way to understand your audience without questioning them directly. 

Companies can look through user chat histories to identify pain points, interests, and engagement levels. From there, they can create a customer profile that shows which chat rooms users engage in, how much revenue they’ve generated, and new products they may be interested in. 

Some advanced tools can analyze user conversations to determine their views and feelings on certain products and brands. This allows company agents to have personalized interactions with customers based on these viewpoints. Consider connecting Arena CDP to your live chat to better understand customer behavior. 

You can also take a direct approach when gathering customer information. By including questions like “How many employees does your company have?” in your live chat script, you can better understand the customer and connect them to the appropriate agent. 


Digital agencies can use this guide to determine how to use live chat to help their clients. Live chat tools like Arena Live Chat can be set up to allow users and companies to quickly interact with each other.

Live chat improves engagement on websites and live events, and support agents can use it to enhance customer service. Live chat also increases profits by boosting sales and reducing support costs. These tools can also be paired with CDPs and CRMs to better understand audiences and create user profiles. 

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