Feature: Reactions

Let Your Audience Express Their Feelings With Reactions

Turn conversations into an interactive and creative experience
Live blog

See how it works


Sometimes, an emoji says more than a thousand words
Unlock the most famous reactions used in social media
Add a layer of fun in your Live Chat


Are Reactions available for all plans?
Yes, they are :)
Are reactions available on Direct Messages as well as public messages?
No. At this moment, you can use reactions only on public messages.
Can I customize reactions by uploading my own collection of icons?
Currently this feature is not supported.
Can I extract data from my audience’s reactions?
Yes, if you export the chat logs you can see a breakdown of the different reaction types for that chat experience.
Is it possible to undo reactions?
Not yet, but stay tuned because we are planning to implement it soon.
Which reactions are available today on the dashboard?
For Live Chat, the standard option displays only the Heart icon button. For Live Blog, standard options are thumbs up/down, thumbs up only and claps. Other icons can be added by using Arena's SDK.

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