Feature: Q&A

Let Your Audience Ask You Anything With Q&A

Provide real-time engagement with your users and gathers all of their questions in a moderation queue
Live blog

See how it works


Open a new channel for your audience to ask questions
Answer questions in an AMA style format
Filter and post only the most relevent Q&As


Is Q&A available for all plans?
No. Only professional, business, and enterprise customers have access to this feature.
Is there a limit of questions and answers?
No, there is no limit.
Can I filter the questions sent by the audience?
Questions can be reviewed & approved by moderators before posting them to the public chat.
Can anyone answer a question from Q&A?
If Q&A is enabled: any logged user can submit questions to moderators. But only moderators can review and answer questions to make them public.
Does Q&A offer an upvote option?
Yes. Upvotes are also measured in the analytics tab.
Can Q&A be enabled or disabled during a live event without ending the chat?
Sure. Moderators can disable or enable new Q&As at any time.
Can I answer a question asked in the Live Chat, in the Live Blog?
You can do it manually, copying the question asked in the Q&A, and answering it as a Blog Post.

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