Feature: Profanity Filter

Leverage AI Powered Language Filters To Power Brand-Safe Conversations

Create and manage filters of words that you want to avoid during a Live Chat session
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Profanity Filter

Offer your audience a safe Live Chat experience
Keep the trolls away from your live events
Maintain a brand safe environment for you and your sponsors


Is Profanity Filter available for all plans?
Yes, it is :)
How to set up the profanity filter?
Here’s an article you might find helpful: https://help.arena.im/en/articles/4720614-how-to-use-profanity-filter-on-the-live-chat
Are there different levels or options for filtering?
Yes. You can **** any offending words, or block offensive posts from being posted entirely.
Is the profanity filter exclusive for Live Chat?
Yes, today only Live Chat supports it.
Can I manually moderate messages if I choose to have the Profanity Filter turned off?
Yes, any chat can be removed at any time in the dashboard.
What languages does the Profanity Filter cover?
The profanity words that are preset in the Profanity Filter are open for anyone to customize, so you can update your own set of words to any language you want. Nowadays, the preset of words are mostly English.

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