Feature: Direct Messages

Enable Private, One-To-One Conversations

Let your audience interact privately with your moderators and each other with Direct Messages
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Direct Messages

Interact directly and privately with your users
Open a exclusive channel to conversation
Let your audience interact with each other


Are Direct Messages available for all plans?
No. Only business and enterprise customers have access to this feature.
Can I turn off Direct Messages?
Yes. Here’s an article that explains more: https://help.arena.im/en/articles/4521308-how-to-use-direct-messages-on-live-chat
Can I read the Direct Messages of the audience?
Once you enable attendees to send direct messages, you’ll receive it on your live chat inbox, but you won’t be able to read or interact with other peoples messages between themselves to protect privacy.
Can I moderate Direct Messages exchanged between audience members?
You cannot moderate or filter direct messages audience members send each other, but you can disable direct messages on a chat-by-chat basis if this is a concern.
Can a user be blocked from sending direct messages?
A moderator can block a user from sending new direct messages to the moderator. Moderators can also ban users if needed.
How do I know that I have a new direct message?
You will see a blue bubble next to this feature session on Arena dashboard indicating the number of unread direct messages. The same is true for the users on the embed chat.

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