Feature: Cross Post Twitter Facebook

Cross Post From Arena To Social Media

Save time by cross posting to Twitter & Facebook when you post to Arena Live Blog
Live blog

See how it works

Cross Post Twitter Facebook

Post to three platforms in one click
Ensure content accuracy & perfect timing by cross posting to multiple platforms
Engage your audience in real-time across platforms


Is Cross Post available for all plans?
No. Only professional, business, and enterprise customers have access to this feature.
How can I pull in content from Twitter & Facebook to my Live Blog/Live Chat?
You can do that using the Social Stream feature. Here’s an article that explains more.
Can I use Arena as a Social Media Content Manager?
You can use Arena to aggregate content from different platforms and post them in your blog or chat.
Can I use Arena to cross post to Social Media?
Yes! Arena posts can be automatically sent to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.
What happens when I cross post to Twitter or Facebook?
With cross-posting you save time by posting the same content in your liveblog and in your Twitter and Facebook accounts at the same time.

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