Feature: Auto Play-By-Play

Automate Sports Coverage With Play By Play Updates

Point & click to add live score coverage for over 500 professional sports leagues to your Live Blog
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See how it works

Auto Play-By-Play

Automate coverage, even if you don't have boots on the ground
Improve the quality of your real-time sports coverage
Add it to any Live Blog with just a few clicks


Is Auto Play-By-Play available for all plans?
No. Only professional, business, and enterprise customers have access to this feature.
Is there translation to other languages of the Play-By-Play posts?
Yes. We have this feature available in different languages, please contact us to confirm the full list of supported languages: https://arena.im/contact
Who generates the Automatic posts?
Automatic posts are generated through select Arena technology partners.
Can other content be posted along with play-by-play?
Absolutely. You can decide to post any other material while play-by-play is enabled and running.
Can Auto Play-by-Play posts be manually edited?
Yes. Auto posts can be manually removed at any time. Auto post can also be turned off so moderators can review any auto post suggestions before they go live.

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