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Add A New Channel To Monetize Ads

Integrate your Google Ads, DoubleClick and AppNexus accounts or talk to us about custom integration with an SSP
Live blog

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Easily connect with your programmatic ad accounts
Monetize your live stream content
Transform your Live Blog into a revenue generator


Is AdSense integration available for all plans?
No. Only enterprise customers have access to AdSense integration.
How can I monetize this?
We offer both programmatic and direct advertisement models.
Which advertising platforms do you integrate with?
We have point and click integration with AdSense, DoubleClick and AppNexus. We also offer manual integration into SSPs.
Does Arena charge any extra fees for advertising?
No. But if you’re interested in more of a rev-share relationship, let’s talk: https://arena.im/talk-to-sales
For what plans is advertising included?
Direct ads/sponsorships (“Conversion Cards”) start in our Business Plan. Programmatic integration is included in the Enterprise plan.
Is there a limit of questions and answers?
No, there is no limit.
Can I filter the questions sent by the audience?
Questions can be reviewed & approved by moderators before posting them to the public chat.
Can anyone answer a question from Q&A?
If Q&A is enabled: any logged user can submit questions to moderators. But only moderators can review and answer questions to make them public.
Does Q&A offer an upvote option?
Yes. Upvotes are also measured in the analytics tab.
Can Q&A be enabled or disabled during a live event without ending the chat?
Sure. Moderators can disable or enable new Q&As at any time.
Can I answer a question asked in the Live Chat, in the Live Blog?
You can do it manually, copying the question asked in the Q&A, and answering it as a Blog Post.

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