Enhance Your
eLearning Engagement with Group Chat

Let your virtual and IRL students interact in class or at an event, in real-time with relevant content, Q&A, Polls and more
Trusted by thousands of customers in 100+ countries

Create Deeper Discussions
with Polls & Q&A

Ask your class questions with Polls, or let them ask you questions with Q&A. Ideal for settings where your class actively interacts with an educator, guest speaker, or panel of experts instead of passively listening.

Compare Engagement Across Classes or Over Time

Our analytics tools keep a record of each classroom so that you can track class progress and gain actionable insights

Pre-plan Content or Go Real-time

Upload custom content in advance to pre-plan for a class and create powerful templates to save time during the session
Case Studies

See How Top Brands use Arena
to Boost Engagement

Engagement Toolkit for Blended Learning Experiences

Check out our engagement report for schools and educators for tips & tricks on why Group Chat & Live Blog are the best tools to boost engagement for blended learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arena compatible with any video stream platform?
Yes. If you can embed your video platform into your website, you can add Arena Group Chat to it as well.
Is it possible to give or receive individual feedback within the Group Chat widget?

Yes, it is. Arena Group Chat has a 1:1 feature that allows you to talk directly (and privately) to a specific user.

Can I integrate Arena Group Chat with other 3rd party tools?

Yes, you can. Push your audience data and segments to dozens of tools for visualization or activation. With just a few clicks you can connect Arena Group Chat to the different tools your team is already using.

Can I invite my team and work together with them?
Of course! With Arena Live Chat, you can invite your staff to work with you by giving them specific roles.
Can I customize the Arena Group Chat with the colors of my organization?
Sure thing! Update the look and feel of your Arena to match your brand (or brands) across multiple platforms or chats. Create seamless experiences between your website, app, or event – or all three.
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